Thirty, Flirty, and Thriving!

Well it’s true, S has officially turned 30 today! Earlier this month we celebrated big time with some serious 80’s style. Even though S was just a wee babe and A wasn’t even an embryo yet we’ve seen enough pictures of the 80’s and watched enough John Hughes films to recreate totally bitchin’ 80’s looks and vibes! Of course our looks were fully intact with big haired wigs, gaudy broaches, and wine glass charms (used as an earring to embody George Michael)!  You can keep scrolling to see our looks and S is sharing a few lessons she’s learned in her twenties! Plus the OHBI gals are taking a walk down memory lane and sharing the tragic tale of how our friendship began! It’s a good one that includes so many cocktails, an oversized vans shoe, Ocean’s 234, and a missed flight. 

Club 88  

We’ve got a party planner on the OHBI squad so the set up was absolutely epic. The party included a fog machine, cool ranch Doritos and all the bangers from the 80’s. A huge thank you to Sidney for her magical party planning skills! You can find all her amazing work here or visit her insta @sidneyannchoate!


Life Lessons learned by S  

Here are S’s 3 major life lessons learned in her twenties that she’s taking into her thirties! 

1. Don’t feel like you need to do things out of obligation if it’s going to make you feel terrible. Sure if you already committed to something then you should keep your promise but don’t says yes because you feel like you have to for some reason. I like to use the phrase “I’ll let you know if that works for me and get back to you.” There’s no added pressure of responding right away and I get to really think about if it’s something I want to commit to.  

2. You’re not a failure if you didn’t live up to your childhood expectations of your grown up self. Ten year old Sarah thought she was going to have her life figured out by thirty because that was super old to her. Here’s the thing, ten year old me didn’t know what she was talking about and thirty year old me still doesn’t know it all and that’s okay. Life unfortunately isn’t a straight line so EXPECT and ACCEPT all of the detours and try to find a positive. 

3. Don’t buy things you don’t need! Honestly no one needs 20 bottles of lotion. We’ve all heard the phrase “Quality over quantity” when it comes to your friends but it should translate into what you’re spending your money on. You worked hard for that money y’all so buy with a purpose! 


Tragic Start to a friendship  

Hitting a big number like this causes some serious nostalgia. We’re chatting it up about how our friendship began!

As y’all know we’re both introverted souls so making friends isn’t easy for us. That includes becoming friends with each other. Our husbands have been BFFS since the age of twelve. So when Cameron (A’s hubs) moved to Florida James (S’s hubs) had to go visit his best friend so we planned a trip to Florida in the smack middle of summer. July to be exact. For those fortunate enough to have never expierenced humidity we’ll paint a picture for you. The air is so thick that it feels like a ton of bricks are sitting on your chest so breathing is a serious chore. 

We said minimal words to each other on our seven day vacay until the very last night. We had a few cocktails so liquid courage was definitely flowing through our veins. You can totally judge us because our drink of choice at that time is what we called LIVE WATER ( blueberry Stoli vodka and Sprite). We went to a club on the ocean that catered to an older crowd (50’s and up) it was ironically called Ocean’s 234 and we requested Brittney Spears songs and danced the night away! With the liquid courage still working it’s magic by the time we headed home we had a heart to heart and bonded over the years of our youth and found out we had a lot in common. Fast forward to a few hours later when S and her husband should have been at the airport they were barely packing up their luggage at snail speeds with a massive hangover. As you could have guessed they totally missed their flight and spent most of the day at the airport.

The start of our friendship was totally worth a missed flight and a few awkward days with each other. Having a true best friend who supports you, accepts your faults as well as your strengths and strives to find the best for your life is truly one of the most magical relationships you could have! Tell your BFF how much you love them today, we think it can never be said enough!