Gift Guide for your Bestie

Best friends hold a special place in our hearts so giving them the perfect gift is a must! If you’re anything like us, we tend to buy one another “just because” gifts throughout the year. When the Holidays roll around, sometimes we need a little extra brain power to come up with the perfect gift! This year we have rounded up a list of a few items we’d totally give each other. 

Pebble & Dime Zodiac Necklace 

Remember those BFF necklaces in the shape of a heart? You kept a half and you gave the other half to your bestie?! We think this collection by Pebble and Dime is the adult version of those necklaces. Match with your best pal while you both rock your individual zodiac signs with this minimalistic accessory.

Image by Pebble & Dime

Image by Pebble & Dime

Image by Pebble & Dime

Image by Pebble & Dime

Fill Me in *with Friends 

It’s part journal and part game that you can fill in with all of your friends! This interactive journal brings us back to our sleepover days. If we’re being honest, we still have sleepovers but now we have some extra fun and conversation starters thanks to this journal!


Maria Shireen Infinity HairTie Bracelet 

This bracelet has revolutionized the way we carry our hair ties! Make that hair tie a part of your wardrobe instead of an eye sore. This particular design holds two hair ties. We all know the dreaded feeling when a pal asks to borrow your last hair tie. This Infinity bracelet will always allow you to carry an extra HairTie for your BFF! You can save some money using our code: MSXOHBI


Weighted Blanket 

When you’re not available to give your bestie an actual hug this blanket will do it for you! We both own a 15 pound blanket from YnM. As gals who suffer from anxiety we can say this product has been life changing! This particular brand comes in seven different colors and sizes.

Lit Candle Supply

This is the perfect gift when you can’t seem to find the words to tell your BFF how much you really care about them. We don’t think there’s anything quite as blunt as a candle that says “I fucking love you”.

We hope this holiday season is treating you well and that you find the perfect gift to show your BFF how thankful you are for them! We’re thankful for y’all!