National Best Friend Day

In today's world there is a "National" day just about every day of the year. We're not complaining! We'll take any excuse to eat an extra donut or post photos of our pets! This Thursday (June 8th) is National Best Friend Day and we're talking all things BFF! 

Pink Wall, BFF's Celebrating National Best Friend Day. Second Hand Floral Yellow Dress and Striped H&M BodyCon Dress. 

Our friendship is just like Cher and Dionne. We're always looking fashionable, we're socialites, and we're always down to give a makeover...AS IF! In reality we're more of a DJ and Kimmy Gibbler duo. Kind of funny but mostly socially awkward (Don't believe us? Take a look at the pics below). Typically when we're out and about shopping we end up buying all the things for each other. A true BFF is always on your mind. We've put together a list of some of our favorite BFF gifts!

BFF's celebrating each other with Maria Shireen. 

Sometimes you're stuck living out a long distance relationship with your BFF. Don't fret, if you don't have the luxury of popping in for a hang or catching happy hour somewhere we've got a few long distance gift ideas. GiftRocket is a perfect solution for a friend who loves exploring their city and trying new restaurants or shops. You can choose a specific location for them to use the gift card or leave the decision up to them!

If your bestie is an introvert and would rather spend a day in her pjs watching Netflix and eating sweet treats then Lette Macarons is the perfect gift idea. These divine French cookies are everyones dream come true. What could be better than receiving a box of cookies in the mail!? Lette Maracrons have about 14 different classic flavors and a few seasonal flavors as well. Our favorites are the Rose and Coconut! 

We pinky promise your long distance BFF will love these gift ideas. We learned from the queen, Celine Deon that *Near, far, wherever you are, your heart will go on* She may have been talking about her lost love, but we totally feel like you could apply these lyrics to any grand friendship!   

A pinky promise between BFF's. 

For the BFF who never leaves home without her trusty hair tie, Maria Shireen's got you covered! We love that they offer the option to engrave every bracelet. Nothing says "best friend forever" better than BFF engraved on the most functional accessory ever invented. 

Peace Out with Maria Shireen HairTie Bracelets. 
BFF's saying Peace out. Yellow Floral Dress and Stripe Dress. 

Do you have a bestie who is flair obsessed?! Confession: We're both obsessed. We believe you can't ever really have too many pins and patches. One of our favorite lifestyle shops, Band.o has some of the coolest and most encouraging flair. Everybody needs a compliment once in a while especially your best pal. Some of our personal fav pins are "you're killing it" and "I am fun" because let's be honest...YOU ARE! If you play your cards right you could end up with a pin for yourself. All you have to do is gift the broken heart shaped "forever girl gang " pin that just so happens to be made to share with your bestie. If you never receive the other half of that pin our solution is to just make faces at your BFF until she gives in. We've been told a facial expression says a thousand words. We've mastered the look that says "you know you want to share that pin with me"!

Pink Wall. BFF's Celebrating National Best Friend Day. 

Our last gift idea is brought to you by a company called Greetabl. They offer customizable gift boxes! We once spent hours making these gift boxes for family and friends for Christmas circa 2012. While the handmade gifts were appreciated, the paper cuts and loss of sleep were not. Greetabl gives you the option to personalize the gift box with photos, a message, and a gift of your choice. We tried it out and we were at the checkout page in less than ten minutes! Disclaimer: it only took that long because we couldn't decide on what pics to include in the box!  

Whoever is a part of your forever girl gang make sure you let them know how special they are to you on this National Day! It doesn't matter where your gal pals are located or how often you actually communicate. They had an impact on your life at some point so make sure they know how awesome you think they are. As two introverts we were able to find some solid, strong, and independent women that accepted us for the weirdos that we actually are so we'll be shouting our gratitude for these babes from the rooftops on Thursday. 

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Tell us all about your BFF and how you'll be showing your appreciation to that special pal this Thursday! You may not be Thelma with a Louise but we know y'all have a partner in crime.