The Beauty Behind the Brew

The Beauty Behind the Brew

Another "national" celebration has come and gone…in case you missed it the world celebrated National Coffee Day on September 29th. It wasn't a difficult celebration for us to take part in since us OHBI gals easily consume our body weight in coffee each week! We know, we have a problem…but we're okay with it. This celebration got us thinking about the way we get our daily cup of joe in our hands. Obviously we frequently visit coffee shops but we also use our Keurig because let's face it we're not made out of dolla dolla bills. The local coffee shops that serve up that good stuff hold special places in our hearts for more than just the obvious reason that THEY HAVE WHAT WE NEED TO ADULT! Keep reading to find out why we won't pass up an opportunity to visit new coffee shops during our adventures and why we keep returning to our local favs! 

Old Soul Coffee Shop in Oak Park Sacramento, California 
Bastille Barbers in Oak Park Sacramento California 
Four Score Coffee Shop in Roseville California. President Abraham Lincoln with sunglasses on. 

Coffee shops are one of the easiest ways to get a quick dose of stimulation for your brain. A new atmosphere is sometimes all you need in order to get your creative juices flowing. If you're anything like us we don't work well in our own home. We always seem to find ourselves veering back to the couch to catch up on our current Netflix obsession instead of taking care of our responsibilities. You can just crown us the Procrastination Queens of 2017. Heading to your local coffee shop can help you meet those deadlines because unless you came with someone or forgot your headphones everyone leaves you alone, it's amazing! (We may have written this post in a coffee shop). Coffee Shops are perfect for those days when you want to be an extrovert but you're really an introvert. Are we the only ones who feel that way!? Its the common struggle of the extroverted-introvert. Not to mention that the visually appealing atmosphere of these local brew spots never disappoint. We usually leave feeling more chipper (props to the coffee) and have some solid decor ideas for whenever we get around to decorating our homes. 

Old Soul Coffee in Oak Park Sacramento/ green leafy Plant / Beers on tap 
Art Gallery wall at Old Soul Coffee in Oak Park Sacramento/ Vibrant colors 
Triangle window pane/ leather couch/ cozy nook at old soul coffee in oak park sacramento California
Art gallery wall at Four Score Coffee shop in Roseville california 
Four Score and seven years/ President Abraham Lincoln drawing wearing sunglasses 

Not only can you go to a coffee shop to be alone in a room full of people you can also take your best pals to your fav coffee spot and catch up on life. We've had some of our best "deep talks" with pals over coffee and sweet treats. We're still on the look out for our very own Central Perk, a place we can always count on to gather with our BFF's and discuss the trials and tribulations of our late (emphasis on late) twenties just like the fictional characters of FRIENDS. Did anyone else ever think you were an adult at the age of twenty-two and sadly discover that what you thought was a tough life was actually you in your glory years?! RIP youth. 

Old Soul Coffee Cup. It was established in 2006. The shop is located in Oak Park Sacramento, California 
Ham and Cheese Croissant and Latte from Old Soul Coffee

Whether you're looking for inspiration, taking some "ME" time, or need to be surrounded by friends with a cup of caffeine in your hand, coffee shops are the place to be. If you happen to be in the greater Sacramento area, make sure to check out some of our newest favorite coffee spots, Four Score and Old Soul at 40 Acres. You can also check out our previous coffee blog post for some more brew shop faves!

Old Soul Coffee Shop outdoor patio 
exposed brick building with Abe Lincoln sign 
Girl at Old Soul Coffee Shop wearing a Yellow Cardigan and a Tee " I Don't Work Here" 
Girl at Old Soul Coffee Shop wearing a black wide brim fedora and burnt orange velvet skirt drinking an iced coffee

We obviously live our best lives when we're caffeinated! We'd love to hear about some of your local favorites. Let us know in the comments!