A love letter to the BFF’s

National best friend day is upon us and you could say it's giving us all the feels. We’ve been reminiscing about our original best friends. You know the ones we’re talking about. The ones who came into your life when you're biggest problem was what scrunchie to wear and not having the pink Motorola RAZR. Whether or not those BFF friendships stood through the hands of time we know that we’ve taken something valuable from each of those friendships.

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Introverts that made friends 

As much as we say we’re introverts you’re probably thinking how did these gals even find each other let alone other friends before then. It’s shocking we know but there were others and there still are others. So this is an open letter to all of the BFF’s of the world. 

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Love Letter

Dear BFF's,  

Thank you for standing by our sides through all of the hard times and at the hardest of times being the shoulders we needed to cry on. Thank you for showing how much you cared by ugly crying with us because you felt the heartache we were feeling in those moments. Whatever the heartache was from you didn’t question it. From the loss of a pet, to an anxiety attack, or the failure of a life plan you were there. Thank you for embracing all of our flaws and reminding us they are in fact a part of what makes us beautiful. Thank you for being our biggest fans when self-doubt and anxiety got the best of us. Thank you for pushing us and giving us the confidence to be more creative, to love more, and to try new things. Thank you for giving us the best laughs of our lives and memories to last a lifetime. We owe our lives to you and will forever be thankful to call you a best friend. 

-Your Best Friend  

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Friendship is the greatest love story

The truest of best friends will survive the test of time. These are the ones you can see once a year and pick up right where you left off. Even if this isn’t true for you find the good in your current friendships because friendship really is the best love story out there. So we hope you have fun reminiscing and celebrating the BFFs of your life! Make sure your best pals feel the love today and know how much they mean to you. 

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We'll be sharing some memories of our favorite best gal pals on Insta. Tag us @OHBIofficial or use #OHBIBFF so we can see your BFFs!



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