Don’t Hate Collaborate

We’ve shared our love for the female owned brand Dazey L.A but we haven’t shared about the great community that came along with becoming an ambassador. There are very few things that could trump our love for female empowering clothes but the one thing that does is the attitude, passion, and love for females this band of women is bringing to the world! It’s time to stand for something y’all and we’re SO thankful for the Dazey Ladies crew! 

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In today’s world it’s far to easy to compare your life with what you see on Instagram. Even though we’re probably some of the least competitive gals you'll ever meet, the gram can get the best of us. Honestly, we usually let our opponents win while playing a game just to avoid having to play another round. Even without being a naturally competitive person, our society can take a toll on morale! Feeling like you always have to win and be the best can cause creative brains to do some crazy things. The best way we've found to battle that exhausting behavior is COLLABORATION! We've rounded up a few of our favorite ways to incorporate collaboration into your brand.

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Engagement Pods

Pods are a sure way to meet some fellow like minded creatives. Beating the Instagram algorithm is a plus too! Give us chronological order or give us death! Jk we’re not that dramatic. If you need any help getting started with one, find us on Insta @OHBIofficial. We've got one going and we would love to have you join! 

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Brand Ambassadors

What could be better than sharing ideas and goals for a common brand you love?! Being a brand ambassador is about so much more than just getting products for a discount or receiving a commission, it’s about banding together with brands and people you believe in. 

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Even if you are a solo creative brand having a team of people to bounce ideas off of is so important. Whether your crew is behind the scenes, in front of the lens, or spitting out content ideas they are vital to a successful brand! Team up y'all! 

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A Fearless Attitude

Don't be scared to reach out to companies or fellow creatives you admire. You'll be surprised at how open people are to collaboration. Honestly, we're giving ourselves a pep talk because we have a few emails in the draft section we're still nervous to push the send button on! 

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We weren’t meant to do this life alone! Trust us, as introverts we know it can be scary or just plain exhausting to put yourself out there but collaboration is the heart of a passion filled blog/brand! We love y’all and are always inspired by you. If you ever need to bounce an idea off of us, are interested in some sort of collaboration, or just need some good vibes we’re only a few clicks away! We'd love to connect. 

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