White After Labor Day?!

White After Labor Day?!

That's right, we're being bold and breaking all the rules. Just kidding not all the rules just the silly one where we're supposed to stop wearing white after Labor Day. Us gals at OHBI are firm believers in expressing yourself however you dang well please and some of those old timey socialite fashion rules are no exception to our beliefs! Keep reading to see how we rebelled against that 1800's fashion rule and rocked white after Labor Day and colored outside of those metaphorical fashion lines. 

Tiffany's Store Front at Roseville Galleria/ Labor Day Outfits/ Zara Cotton Shirt/ Express Grey Jeans/ Black off the shoulder top/ White front button up skirt 

First and foremost we do like to use fashion trends and rules as guidelines for our OOTD but with most rules they need to be updated with the times. "No White after Labor Day" is one of those rules that needs an update for the 21st Century. As much as we love to daydream and pretend to be Serena van der Woodsen and her BFF Blair Waldorf, IRL we're not even close to New York socialites. The closest we'll ever get to vacationing in the Hamptons is watching reruns of Gossip Girl, so not wearing white doesn't apply to us OHBI gals. (Here we are pretending and day dreaming below. Someone let Chuck Bass know we're waiting for him. Are we the only ones who fell in love with his bad boy character?!) 

Black weaved chairs and a blue mosaic tile table/ outdoor sitting area at roseville galleria/ Tiffany & Co.

S kept it simple when she broke the rules and used something almost everyone has in their closet, an oversized button up shirt. The side tie details on this shirt added a femme vibe to an otherwise masculine shirt. Don't worry, even if all you have is a plain button up shirt the masculine vibes are totally in for women this Fall season. We made this shirt feel more suitable for Fall with the edition of grey denim jeans, brown ankle booties, and a black felt wide brim fedora. Some of OHBI's DIY pom pom earrings in maroon brought some major cranberry sauce vibes to tie this fit all together (We might have Thanksgiving dinner on the brain). If you're swooning over these earrings as much as us, check out our easy DIY tutorial here!

Silver Doors/ White Cotton Zara Button Down Shirt paired with a light grey wash express jeans and camel colored ankle boots
Wide Black Brim Fedora/ Burgundy colored pom pom earrings/ Stila Patina Matte liquid lipstick/ Maria Shireen Artisan HairTie Bracelet  
White Rolled Sleeve Zara Shirt Details/ Express Jeans in a Grey wash/ Marc Jacobs Watch and Maria Shireen Silver Artisan HairTie Bracelet 

A incorporated white into her wardrobe with a fierce front button white denim skirt. With the addition of black suede ankle booties and an off the shoulder sweater this outfit screamed, "I'm ready for sweater weather now!" This fit is perfect for the early days of California's Fall season when it's still warm enough during the day to bare your legs. We're showing off our tan summer skin for as long as we can!

Black Off the Shoulder Forever 21 Blouse/ White Front Button Mini Skirt/ Black Ankle Boots/ Tiffany & Co. Roseville Galleria Store front 
Black Off the Shoulder blouse/ Black Pom pom earnings/ Maria Shireen Gold Artisan HairTie Bracelet 
Fall Fashion/ transitional weather outfits/ black off the shoulder top / white button down skirt/ black ankle boots 

Whether you are in fact a New York socialite or just an everyday gal like us we hope you're inspired to update your fashion rules and express yourself. You. Do. You. BOO BOO and wear whatever color of clothing makes you happy! We got your backs y'all! Tag us on insta @OHBIofficial to share your favorite outfits that break those fashion rules!

Fall Fashion/ Side Tie Cotton Zara Shirt/ Grey Express Jeans/ Maria Shireen Bracelets/ Pom Pom earrings/ best friends/ white after Labor Day 
Fall Fashion/ Ankle Boots/ White Side Tie Blouse/ White Mini Skirt/ Black Off the Shoulder Top/ Grey Jeans  

In the spirit of one of our fav television shows of all timeā€¦ You know you love us



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