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Here in California we're well into Summer and it's getting hotter by the minute. Access to a pool or the beach is a must. Don't worry if neither of these things are within arms reach. Head to your nearest Target and buy yourself a kitty pool and some water guns. No matter how you decide to cool down for the remainder of the summer you're going to need a swim suit. So in the words of Barney Stinson "Suit Up" ladies and gentlemen! 

Little Black Women's Swimsuits with Scallop and Crochet Details 

 If you still haven't had the courage to get in your swimmie and enjoy yourself this summer then you're probably sweating bullets just thinking about certain areas of your body seeing the light of day. We'll admit we've actually been holding off on sharing these photos with the inter webs for sometime now, but here at OHBI we are committed to showcasing an authentic lifestyle so here we are: Smiles, swimsuits, imperfections, and us embracing our summer bods! Full disclosure: Our pineapple cocktails helped. 

Women's Pineapple and Flamingo Swimsuits for Summer 

Let's talk about the endless styles of swimwear available this season: the one-piece, two-piece, halter top, triangle bikini, bandeau, high-waisted bottoms, tie-side bottoms and the list goes on. Let's not forget all the adorable prints to choose from. Picking the perfect swimmie depends on your personal preferences and what will be comfortable for you and your body type! We'll share what we think works best for us, but we encourage you to be open minded and try a new style that you may not have tried yet.

Body Positive Fashion Bloggers 

 S likes to keep her bottoms high-waisted because they tend to have fuller coverage for the junk in the trunk. We paired the high-waisted bottoms with a scalloped bandeau style top. We're all about flair so we added a silver crystal body chain to add a bit of sparkle to the classic all black look. We don't go anywhere without our Maria Shireen HairTie bracelet and sitting poolside is no exception. We have our trusty hairtie handy when we're ready to doggy paddle across the pool or engage in some Jane Fonda style water aerobics. These may be real scenarios and we are unashamed. :) 

Black High Waisted Swimsuit Bottoms. Body Positive Fashion and Lifestyle Bloggers promting Self-Love 
Two piece swimsuit with high waist bottoms and bandeau scallop top. Self-Love and Body Positivity Fashion Bloggers. 

A also opted for a classic all black two-piece swimsuit combo. This particular triangle bikini top has a dreamy crochet detail along the bottom edge. Any crochet detailing is perfect for A because in her spare time she fuels her old soul by crocheting. You can check out her amazing work over at Alist Stitches. This swim top is perfect for an afternoon spent by the pool or walking around a beach town paired with high waisted shorts. We paired the beautifully detailed bikini top with simple side tie bikini bottoms. You can never go wrong with a little black bikini!

Crochet Bikini Halter Top and Summer Cocktail 
Fashion Bloggers Promoting Self-Love and Confidence in Your Own Skin 

S tried a new style last year and she can't get enough of it, the one-piece *HEART EYES*. One-pieces are becoming a lot easier to find than years past and we're so glad. This super cute mint colored suit with a sequined flamingo embellishment screams summer and we couldn't pass it up. To be completely transparent this suit in particular should only be used for pool side sitting not actually swimming because well, it's transparent when wet. YIKES! Learn from our mistakes y'all. Test your swimsuit before you go out in public, you'll thank us later! This suit going forward will be used as a bodysuit and paired with distressed denim shorts and cute sandals for a complete summer outfit. You should also keep in mind each style of swimsuit will leave different tan lines, so try to stick with similar styles for the summer. Or switch it up and rock your tan lines like they're going out of style like S is below.  

Flamingo One Piece Swimsuit with Pink Details. Fashion Bloggers focusing on self-love and confidence 

If you've been hanging with us for a little while then you must be aware of our evident love for piƱas! We couldn't say no to this trendy pineapple printed tank style top. We found this swimmie at Zaful. For those of you who do any of your shopping online you've probably been lured in by a variety of shops that offer those cute and affordable swimsuits. It's difficult to know what you will actually receive in the mail but our experience with Zaful was great! A little hint, we may have underestimated the size of the bottoms hence A's choice of the simple black side tie bottoms. Their sizes run a bit small so you may want to opt for one size up!

Pineapple Bikini. Fashion Bloggers who focus on self- care, self-love, confidence in your own skin and authenticity. 

Whatever swimsuit you decide on know that you are a bodacious babe and wear it with confidence! We'll be cheering you on!

Body Positive BFF Fashion Bloggers. Promoting Authenticity, Self-Love, and Confidence. 

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