Music Meets Fashion

The beginning of festival season is upon us and that means not only seeing all of our fave artists and bands in a single location but also new fashion trends! There are a ton of festivals and tours throughout this season to fulfill just about anyone's musical needs but we have Coachella on the brain. TBH we really can't get enough, it just keeps cursing our name. Rihanna gets us, obvi. Although we will only be attending Coachella in our dreams we were still inspired by the fashion and wanted to share just a few of our favorite trends. This week at OHBI we headed to a grassy meadow to share our inspiration.  

Lace is a major part of this years festival trend. We can totally get on board with these femme vibes. This lacey sky blue top made all of our festival dreams come true. We chose a nude bralette to add a little extra lace detail to this outfit. We paired this top with some high waisted black denim and our favorite booties. ZOOM!

Lace Blue Top from H&M x Coachella collaboration. Festive Fashion 

Of course we found some wild flowers to put in our hair. Flower crowns will always be an essential festival piece.

Flowers as Hair Accessories for Festive Fashion. 

Our 90's fashion obsession carries from post to post. We couldn't pass up this 90's inspired lace bodysuit dress that we paired with some two-tone cropped denim. We were getting all of those Scary Spice and Rachel Green vibes from this fit. Love them or hate them, slip dresses are here to stay. Pair it with some strappy platform heels and take a more "adult" approach to pigtails and bun it out. After all the sun's out so buns are buns that is. 

Festive Fashion Hairstyles include Double Buns and Lace Details 

Instead of weighing ourselves down with jewelry we opted for a comfortable Y-shaped bralette to add a little more detail and the illusion of a necklace. Our favorite temporary tattoos from KITSCH help us avoid wearing too many accessories. It's important to carry minimal items out in the wild just in case they disappear.  What's better than having magical metallics that can easily be removed? So go wild friends and get your temporary flare on. 

Embroidered details are a festival trend that you can count on coming back every year. This black denim vest will bring your outfit to life with its colorful embroidered design on the back. SWOON. Basic cropped denim and booties kept this outfit comfy but ready to take the stage if need be. Of course we accessorized with a fanny! Guys, fanny packs in all their glory are here to stay, at least in our wardrobes. Seriously we can't really think of anything more practical than a fanny pack. They are big enough to hold all the festival essentials! Don't believe us, give it a shot yourself. 

Embroidered Black Vest from the H&M x Coachella Collaboration 
Lace Details for Festive Fashion with crown hair accessories and metallic temporary body tattoos. 

This lace crop top is giving us all the dreamy orangesicle feels. We paired it with high-waisted light denim shorts. We believe being comfortable is vital for a full day of roasting in the sun so we kept this outfit as functional as possible. Beauty and fashion doesn't always have to be painful, uncomfortable, or inconvenient. We know you know what we're talking about ladies. Insert a memory of a night out that ended with blisters and band-aids. Since we focused on comfort for this outfit we had to put the festie vibes in the details. We seriously couldn't pass up this gold chain head crown. It screams festival goddess! We also added a bandanna that can easily be soaked in water and tied around your neck to cool you down. Practical yet fashionable is key! 

We had some help from @trendaddy for men's festival fashion and he clued us in on some of his staple fits. Guess what?!?! Overalls are back! He paired these black denim overalls with a salmon colored tee. He took this basic combo to the next level by choosing a distressed tee. You don't have to limit yourself to just one denim piece. Adding this light wash denim cap brightens up the outfit and protects you from the sun! For some more added flare unbutton a strap and show some ankle.

Men's Festival Fashion includes Overalls and Distressed Basic Tees. Lace Tops and Denim Shorts with a Bandana and a gold chain hair accessory. 
Overalls? Go for it. Florals, pinks, and wide brim hats. Your possibilities are endless.
— @trendaddy

Being a dad never looked so good. Real life still happens and sometimes you have to trek through a grass filled valley pushing your baby in a stroller to get the perfect shot.  Protecting your skin is some serious business so a seriously on point hat is essential just like this wide brim fedora. 

Squad Festival Fashion Group Shot. Lace Details with Denim and Basic Tees 

Gather your squad and rock your favorite festival outfit. We hope you're inspired this season and would love to see how you styled some of our favorite trends. Find us on all of the social meads!