Put a Ring on It

Put a Ring on It

This week at OHBI we're back in DIY mode. One of our biggest peeves is misplacing our jewelry and accessories. Jewelry dishes and ring holders have become the perfect solution to our missing bobby pin debacle. 

We thought we would give a DIY jewelry dish a try! Side note: our initial vision was to use a cat figurine but we could't find one so we went STAG for this project. Just keepin' it real y'all. Sometimes DIY projects don't go as well planned as you want them to but you persevere and show the world that you can in fact be a modern day Martha Stewart. 

Materials to make a jewelry dish. Pink Glue Gun 

- Animal Figurine (If you find a solid cat figurine let us know where we can get one!) 
- Planter Saucer
- White and Rose Gold Craft Paint
- Paint Brushes
- Hot Glue or Super Glue

Start this DIY by cleaning your planter saucer with a wet paper towel. These saucers tend to have potting soil residue and it will help to have a clean base when you start painting. Next you will begin painting the saucer and animal figurine with your main color. We chose white but any flossy color combo will do! *Note: Depending on your color, you may need to do 2 - 3 coats. 

Painting the planter saucer white

After the saucer and animal figurine are completely dry (approximately 1 hour), use your second color to add some flare. We chose this dreamy Martha Stewart Metallic Rose Gold and added some details to the edge of our saucer and limbs of our stag. 

Deer Figurine painted with rose gold Martha Stewart Craft Paint 

Once all of the pieces have dried, simply hot glue or super glue the animal figurine in the center of the planter saucer. Be careful not to use too much glue so it doesn't seep out and onto the saucer.

DIY Deer Figurine Jewelry Dish painted in white and rose gold 
Succulent and Cactus displayed with a finished DIY Jewelry Dish with a Deer Figurine. Gold Jewelry Displayed including Maria Shireen Floral HairTie Bracelet. 

TADA! DIY complete. This super simple DIY has given us a place to lay some of our favorite pieces and has helped to stop the universe from swallowing up all of our bobby pins. Now all you have to do is show your new jewelry dish some love and put a ring on it because as you all know "if you like it then you should of put a ring on it". Thanks Beyonce for the words of wisdom! 

Get inspired and have fun creating! Don't forget to tag us on all the social media that this world has to offer because we're on all of them! :)