Check out our Fanny!

Check out our Fanny!

We're talking about our faithful fanny pack, of course! We're stuck in the 90's and are firm believers in the use of a fanny pack...especially when it's pleather. ZOOM. Last week we clued you in on some of our favorite festival fashion trends and now we'd like to share a few of our essentials for a festival adventure! We've put together a survival kit to get you through those long summer days spent under the torturous sun and the inevitable profuse amounts of sweat.  

Photo by:  Michaela Garcia

First up is sun screen! A sunburn is everyone's worst nightmare. If you've been lucky enough to never have one then let us tell you they are painful! Not to mention you'll end up looking like a lobster or raccoon. Resembling either isn't a part of any awe-inspiring fashion trend so step up your SPF game! To help protect our skin, we use our favorite sunscreen oil by SuperGoop. We put this stuff to the test while we were in Hawaii on the fairest of them all (Sarah's husband). He's got that ivory skin, red hair, and those baby blue eyes so you know his sunburns are serious business. This lightweight, non-greasy sunscreen oil with SPF 50 actually gave him some bronzed color (OMG, we know it's crazy)! SuperGoop's Setting Mist with rosemary also makes the top of our list. It has a matte finish as well as oil control to keep your make up looking fresh and flawless all day long. The fab news is that it works for all skin types and also contains SPF 50 to protect you from those UV rays!

Ceramic Pineapple Light. SuperGoop Sunscreen Products and Flamingo Tape Dispenser 

We've said it before and we'll say it again...We never leave home without our Maria Shireen bracelet! This bracelet holds our hair tie in the most fashionable way until we absolutely can't take the heat anymore. If the sun is out the hair buns will also be out y'all! 

Maria Shireen HairTie Bracelets in Silver Laurel and Rose Gold Floral. Pineapple Jewelry Dish 

Another must have fashionable yet functional accessory is sunglasses! The Summer vibe is long bright days and there is nothing worse than having to squint all day in the hot sun without some shades. If you're going to be outside get yourself some solid sunnies, you won't regret it. We might be on the blind side so we need to protect our peepers every chance we get. Quay and Steve Madden caught our eye with their strong sun blocking game and we couldn't pass up these sunnies for this summer season. We're suckers for all those gold details! Get your shades on y'all because the future is bright!

Chapstick is another essential part of festival going. Believe it or not but your lips can get sunburnt. Yikes! Avoid this pain by choosing a chapstick that has SPF. Our favorite vanilla scented lip-care product is from The Body Shop. It contains wheatgerm oil so it can cure lips as dry as the Sahara desert, go check it out

Gold Pineapple Decorative Figurine. The Body Shop Vitamin E Lip Care Treatment. 

You should hydrate before, during, and after a full day of sunshine. People often don't realize how dehydrated they are while they're basking in the sun. This is why you should make it a point to drink all the H2O, you'll be thankful later. Avoid those sugary drinks and mixers and opt for some club soda or regular 'ol water. One of our favorite go-to's for hydration is La Croix. You could say we're kind of obsessed with sparkling water! We know the taste isn't for everyone but it hasn't let us down. Just keep in mind hydration is key for having a great time so drink up! 

La Croix Sparkling Water in Fruit Drink Floats. 

Take something to sit your fanny on and take a break in the shade. We love these towels from Sand Cloud. Ours is the Luna Tie Dye style and we can't stop swooning. This towel is lightweight and can effortlessly be rolled up for easy travel. Each Sand Cloud tie dye towel is hand made to create a one of a kind color and 10% of every purchase goes toward preserving marine life. #SAVETHEFISHIES 

The key to surviving a festival is SPF and functional accessories!  With these tips we're confident you'll look your festival best and feel even better when you return home. We hope y'all are inspired by this survival kit and take care of yourself while singing and dancing your heart out.