Aloha Hawaii

Aloha Hawaii

Although we love the fall weather and all of the cute accessories that come along with it, we might be day dreaming of having sun kissed skin and a reason to shave our legs again :) To commemorate a much warmer and tan time in our lives, take a look at our first dreamy vacay to the big pineapple (Honolulu, Hawaii). 

Tropical Beach in Hawaii

Other than the most obvious things to do when visiting a tropical island, like taking naps on the beach and soaking up the sun, you must also eat and expierence all things pineapple related. Our first stop was the hub for everything pineapples, the Dole Plantation! If you ever needed pineapple anything, look no further. The plantation has everything you could think of, right down to a maze shaped as a pineapple. But the real winner was obviously the Dole whip. They also offer a pineapple express train ride that takes you on a journey of their grounds with stunning views and warm history. Take a look for yourself! 

Green grass with tropical mountains

The massive waves and picture perfect views at North Shore may have stolen our hearts, but the real gem was the cluster of food trucks we discovered. This beautiful pineapple tiki drink was the bees knees and was a perfect pair with fish tacos from North Shore Tacos food truck. 

Tropical pineapple drink

The best part about this tropical island is that there is so much to do! Even if you're not a very athletic or outdoorsy person, you can still enjoy everything the island has to offer. Here are just a few more of the adventures we embarked on while on the island.

Waimea Falls waterfall

A short 1.5 mile hike through a paved jungle trail to swim in the 45 foot Waimea Falls waterfall. Don't worry, life vests were provided to assist with swimming in the chilly fresh water pool. Tanning and drinking pineapple drinks is more of our expertise ;)

Diamond Head at Sunset

The best view of Diamond Head was from the middle of the ocean on a sunset sail cruise. Believe it or not, but earlier that day we made it to the top of the mountain. About half way up, we were contemplating why on earth we put ourselves through the torture of an early morning hike while on vacation. Not long after that brief moment of despair, a little elderly lady, who must have been in her 70's, was coming down the mountain telling us how beautiful it was up there. She gave us all the encouragement we needed to press on. We made it to the top y'all, and it was bananas beautiful

Hanauma Bay

For the people who like to wade in the water and check out all the of the exotic fish, Hanauma Bay is the perfect spot to snorkel...unless you have anxiety about not being able to breath through your nose. If this is you, grab a spot on the sand and work on your tan instead :)  

White lace bikini top, black bikini top

Mahalo Hawaii! You were everything we dreamt of and more. Maybe next time we'll gather enough courage to live out our dreams of becoming the next RIP GIRLS :)