But First, Coffee.

At OHBI we have the coffee then we do ALL the things. Every adventure starts with coffee. If it were socially acceptable to go to our day jobs with CamelBak packs full of caffeine we'd do it. We might enjoy our cup of Starbucks Coffee every now and then but at heart we are borderline coffee snobs (if only our wallets would allow it). So to embrace our love for that caffeine we made a list of some of our favorite coffee shops that we've discovered from our adventures and some local faves! 

Temple Coffee is first up on our list. With five different locations in the greater Sacramento area and one Roasterie, this coffee spot is hard not to fall in love with. Our favorite location might be the newest Midtown spot with the floor made up entirely of pennies. SWOON. Temple features monthly education courses for coffee lovers who are interested in home brewing, tasting, and espresso preparation. They also offer FREE weekly cuppings every Friday at 2pm in the roasterie. See you there!

The Patio at Temple Coffee Roasters in Downtown Sacramento 

Temple serves up Nitro Cold Brew which is the perfect combination of creamy and frothy without having to use any milk or sweetener. If coffee isn't a part of your DNA, no worries y'all. They also have a variety of dreamy teas to choose from. Our favorite is their Bliss Tea. It consists of decaf peppermint tea, vanilla soy and coconut milk, and a touch of honey. It's literally the bees knees! While their wide selection of roasts give us all the feels, we love and are consistently inspired by Temple's creative culture. 

The Mill, located in Midtown, Sacramento is next. With their perfect minimalist decor and natural light, we're convinced there is no better way to enjoy your favorite brew. The Mill also serves Temple Coffee and they have the best vanilla lattes in town, thanks to their homemade vanilla syrup. This spot makes the top of our list because of their insanely creative menu and delicious sweet treats. The Mill offers Zeal kombucha on draft, another local fave, as well as affogato and waffles made fresh to order daily!

Verve Coffee is out of Santa Cruz, California with nine locations! Four of their cafes are located in the surrounding areas of Santa Cruz, three cafes can be found in the sunny Southern California area, and their most recently opened cafe is in our favorite city and we can't wait to go visit. If we haven't openly gushed enough about the love we have for our favorite city it's San Francisco of course! The sun shining on the bay gets us every time. The last location can be found in Tokyo, Japan and we think it's just peachy that a local-ish roaster made it internationally! Our favorite roast that we're currently obsessing over from our friends at Verve is the single origin from Panama called "Elida Estate Natural". It's rich chocolatey ganache and cherry cordial notes are bound to have anyone swooning after just one sip. 

La Mo Cafe, located in Turlock California has embraced their Latin vibes in their menu and ambiance. We have a couple favorite beverages from LaMo, the La Lechada and the r'Iced Coffee. Both utilize Mexican classics such as in house made dulce de leche carmel and horchata. The La Lechada is made up of a double espresso, milk, and their famous house made dulce de leche carmel syrup and if you chose you can add whip on top! The r'Iced Coffee mixes horchata and cold brew together to make the perfect cinnamon coffee combo. If you're unfamiliar with horchata it's a traditional Mexican inspired beverage made of rice, water, and sweetners! Sometimes we just can't resist a sweet treat. La Mo proudly uses locally sourced goods to serve the most delicious caffeinated beverages and pastries. They use roasted beans from Mast Coffee and Entimos Coffee.

La Mo Cafe in Turlock, California. Authentic Mexican Food 
Entimos Coffee Display at La Mo Cafe in Turlock, CA 

Check out the pasteries we were drooling over! The Samoa Brownie caught our attention and we couldn't pass it up! The beauty of this cafe is that the owners also run a bistro that can be found across the walkway! If you need a break from the coffee beans take a walk and order yourself some Mexican inspired food like the chilaqilas. We added chorizo and nopales to ours (pictured below) but it's just as tasty without the additions. This is one cafe you won't regret visiting!

Chorizo and Chilaquiles (fried tortillas) and a side of fruit from La Mo Cafe 

Our last stop on the list is the Coffee Shop! It has three locations and one of them is even a drive through! Our most frequented location can be found in downtown Walnut Creek. They host music, art, and even game nights for the whole family. Our husbands may have participated in the open mic night and it was magical (not just because we're married to them, Scout's Honor). The Coffee Shop proudly serves Verve, Stumptown, and Sightglass just to name a few of our fave beans! Our favorite drink on the menu is the coconut orange iced latte. We've nicknamed it the coconut dream because it's something straight out of a fairytale. If you're of legal age and wanting some boozy coffee the Coffee Shop offers libations to add to any tastey brew. 

We hope you have the opportunity to visit some of these spots and can pick up that liquid gold to get your daily dose of caffeine. We would love to hear about  your expierences and favorite items off the menus! Just look how happy coffee makes us! :) 

BFF's having Kai Coffee Lattes in Hawaii wearing tropical inspired clothing.