Let's Flamingle!

This week the OHBI team has been going through all kinds of big life changes! S started a new position and A was moving into her new house! Needless to say, us gals have had a few stressful but exciting changes occur recently. When the going gets tough and life gets crazy we're always down for a night out on the town, especially when it involves happy hour and pink flamingos! To cure our stress we headed over to the Flamingo House Social Club to soak up all the pink hues, neon lights, and tropical vibes.

Flamingo Social House in Midtown Sacramento, Pink house with orange doors. 
The Flamingo House Social Club Photo Booth 

We were lucky enough to get a special tour of this magical place. We got to sit down with the Flamingo team and hear all about their backgrounds, inspiration, and upcoming plans. This team of creatives has all of our support, they're the real deal y'all! Flamingo House began with an idea to create a space for friends and family to gather and socialize in the heart of MidTown. After many ups and downs the idea turned into a reality. The owner of the property located on K Street loved what the Flamingo team envisioned bringing to Sacramento. What was that exactly?! A whole lot of culture, soul, and family and that's exactly what K street got with the addition of this amazing buisness. 

Flamingo Lamp with pink lamp shade

Bobby Falcon, Matt Byrd, and Christian Tolen are the flock behind Flamingo House. This trio is so full of creative juices we were inspired just by being in the same room! That pink velvet couch may have had something to do with it too. We were able to meet two-thirds of these dudes and let's just say they've got style and personality. Just look at those voluminous locks! 

Guys with long curly hair, pink velvet couch, flamingo pillow, owners of the Flamingo House Social Club
Matt Bryd part owner of Flamingo House Social Club sitting on a pink velvet couch 
The owners of Flamingo House Social Club sitting on a pink velvet couch holding a lawn flamingo 

Head Chef, Steve Herrera took some time out of planning the menu for the week to answer some of our questions! He was reppin' flamingos from head to toe y'all!  Steve might be operating with minimal kitchen gear but you'd never know because he gets creative with the food menu. He's whipping out tons of delish small plates full of fresh ingredients like ceviche, the cubano panini, and the vegan teriyaki bowl. That's right, Flamingo House has vegan friendly options. We love the versatility of the menu because there's nothing worse than your vegan/vegetarian friends not being able to indulge in delicious food while out for a night on the town. Flamingo House has solved that problem and has a food option for all. Steve says "I don't hate vegan's!" and enjoys cooking up the healthier bar food options. When we say all are welcome at the Flamingo House, we mean it! 

Blue velvet couch, etched mirror art, mens relaxed flamingo button up shirt 
Flamingo House chef coming up with a new menu, Velvet blue couch and Etched flamingo art on the mirror 

With #DrinkEasy being used by Flamingo House on Insta you're probably wanting to know about the cocktails, right?! Only the best libations and ingredients will be found at this house. If you're looking for Fireball you won't find it here! Y'all know OHBI is all about pineapples. When we saw head bartender Amadeu Goncalves mixing up a dreamy piña jalapeño margarita we were giving off all the heart eyes. He must have noticed our drool because he offered us the drink! It was obviously delish and refreshing. Perfect for a warm California summer night. The inspiration behind the cocktail menu is the different cultural backgrounds of the staff and of course the California weather. You can expect the menu to change with every season. Amadeu may have mentioned a Fall cocktail in the works containing Abuelita's Mexican chocolate and mezcal. You had us at chocolate, we can't wait to try it! 

Head Bartender for Flamingo House Social Club in Midtown Sacramento, Mens White Button Up shirt with beaded necklace. 
Pineapple Jalapeño Margarita garnished with a purple flower on a chevron side table from Flamingo House Social Club 

Although Flamingo House is still in the stages of a soft opening they have so much to offer already and they have even more planned for the grand opening! We got a sneak peak of the upstairs and the back yard area. We can't tell you all of the deets but let us just say this place has so much vision and flamin-goals we can't even deal! (We couldn't resist a flamingo pun) Sacramento has so much coming they don't even know. Just take a look at all the details of this house below! 

Cozy Nook at Flamingo House Social Club equipped with a pink velvet couch and pink table lamp 
Summer Fashion/ Embroidery and Beaded Pineapple Short, Maria Shireen HairTie Bracelet 

If the charming decor by the talented Dacy Kolsky isn't enough to get you to visit (even though it should be because she's an interior design genius) then the atmosphere of feeling like you're at a friend's house just might (There's velvet couches EVERYWHERE, SWOON)! There's no wifi, but don't fret because you won't need your phone when you have great food and cocktails prepared with love and the company of your favorite amigos. Flamingo House is open Thursday-Sunday from 6pm-2am. Prepare to socialize and #DrinkEasy!

Flamingo Mirror Art at Flamingo House Social Club in Midtown Sacramento 
Flower ceiling decoration 
Pink Flower wall paper, Summer Fashion/ Tank Tops and Bright Colored pom pom earrings 

Make sure to let us know about your visit to this magical place and remember...don't be gross, wash your hands! Solid advice and reminder from the Flamingo team! 

Banana Wall paper and a friendly reminder to wash your hands before you leave the bathroom