Super Bowl Fiesta

Super Bowl Fiesta

Unless you've been living under a rock or you're just not that into sports here's a friendly reminder that this Sunday is the Super Bowl! We have to admit we're not the biggest sports fans, but we can appreciate watching a good game and a little friendly competition. It just so happens that the two teams playing this year were our high school mascots (Patriots and Falcons), clearly our friendship was destined to be. To make sure we have a superlative Super Bowl experience we require an infinite amount of snacks and some super stretchy pants. This year we decided on a crockpot crustless pizza recipe and switched up a few ingredients to bring in some Mexican flavors. Check out the recipe and instructions below! 

Mexican crustless crockpot pizza 


2 lbs. of Chorizo  (taste test your fully cooked chorizo if it's too salty substitute 1 lb of chorizo for ground beef) 

4 cups of Mozzarella 

2 cups of pizza cheese blend  

14 oz. marinara sauce  (we chose a spicy heirloom marinara)  

Pepperoni, olives, and cilantro  


1. Cook chorizo until most of the liquid has evaporated. The best part about using chorizo is that you don't have to add any spices, it already has pently of flavor! 

2. Mix mozzarella cheese and chorizo together in a mixing bowl.  

3. Coat the crockpot in a light layer of olive oil. 

4. Evenly spread the chorizo in the crockpot, marinara sauce, pizza cheese, olives, and pepperoni.

5. Turn the crockpot on to the low setting and cook for 4 hours. 

6. Garnish with cilantro and enjoy!  

Mexican crustless crockpot pizza with chorizo 

If good food isn't enough to get you to watch the Super Bowl then we've got a few more reasons to tune in. Well, it's more like a "Million Reasons". This year Lady Gaga will take the stage for the half time show and hopefully give us a performance to remember. We're hoping it's not as memorable as the wardrobe malfunction circa 2004. We're also looking forward to all of the new commercials! Let's be honest, we have to watch the commericals so we will know what everyone is talking about at work the next day. Our favorite one has to be Betty White in the Snickers commercial because just like Betty we're not us when we're hangry! 

So even if you spend most of your time at the snack table or are cheering on your favorite team, we hope you have all the fun on Super Bowl Sunday. Let us know how the big game day celebration goes!