Mini Melons

Mini Melons

OHBI was inspired by #NationalWatermelonDay this past week so we made the executive decision to make totally unconventional cups to hold our libations for a day by the pool! We're also suckers for anything that's considered "mini" and mini watermelons were no exception. 

Mini Watermelon Cup and Pineapple Wrist Tattoo

We decided to make a big batch cocktail that is perfect for any summer gathering. As long as your guests love watermelon it will be the hit of the summer!

Here's what you'll need: 

- 48 oz. Watermelon Juice                                          
- 12 oz. Watermelon Kiwi La Croix                            
- 1 Bottle of Tequila (Silver)                              
- 3 Limes (for garnishing) 

Mini Watermelon Cocktail with Sauza Silver Tequila. 

These cute watermelon cups do require a bit of work so if the cups aren't a priority for you then we have an easier solution to attain that watermelon water! We introduce to you WTRMLN WTR, a company that excels in cold pressed watermelon juice. *HEART EYES* They have five flavors to choose from but for this drink you'll want to order a six pack of the original gangster flavor a.k.a just plain ol' watermelon juice. You'll have some left over juice to enjoy when you order the six pack but don't worry it won't go to waste. This stuff is delish and can be consumed all on its own!

Watermelon Mini Alcoholic Beverage made with Tequila. 

If you're like us and NEED those watermelon cups then you'll have to get scoopin' and juicin'! First, cut out a circular shape from the top of your mini melon, just like you would when carving a pumpkin. Once you have the top cut off start scooping out the watermelon with a spoon. Try to get as much of the melon out as possible. Next you'll need to juice or blend the watermelon. If you opt for the blender route you may want to strain the juice so you don't end up with a chunky cocktail. If texture isn't a big thing then there's no need to get out your strainer. Mix the watermelon juice, La Croix, and that entire bottle of tequila (WOO!) in a pitcher and stir it. Serve it up with some ice in those cute watermelon cups and enjoy! Or hey, go ahead and use some red solo cups, we're not judging. Garnish with a lime and enjoy! 

Hollowed Out Mini Melons used for a Tequila Cocktail 

Disclaimer: We recommend not filling your DIY watermelon cups to the top with this cocktail. Depending on the size of your mini melons they can hold up to three cups. That's a lot of drink for one individual, keep it classy and drink responsibly friends! The recipe will make about 10 cups.  

Celebrating National Watermelon Day with a Mini Watermelon Cocktail. 

How did y'all celebrate #NationalWatermelonDay?! We'd like to know! Tag us on Instagram using #OHBIgirlgang or comment below!