WOAHmen's Wear

If you're anything like us you're guilty of borrowing from your significant others closet when you "just don't have anything to wear". This week we borrowed from the boys to create men's inspired outfits for women. We're convinced there is nothing more comfortable or trendy this season. 

Our first men's inspired look is all about sleek, strappy, and black. The goal with this type of outfit choice is to keep the details feminized. Try a red lipstick, gold jewelry (a staple for us), or some heels.

Women's Fall Fashion inspired by menswear. Tailored blazers and fitted slacks 

We paired this sleek long sleeveless vest with some cuffed black slacks. These black suede strappy heels were a perfect match for this outfit. We connected some minor details to bring the outfit together and chose a red lip and red polish. 

Sleeveless vest tailored pants and open toed heels 

For those cold days when sleeves are a must use a blazer to recreate the suit vibe. We were still able to keep this outfit feminine by adding a bralette under the blazer. The bralette we chose just so happens to have a Y-shaped detail that makes it look like you have a choker on. When heels just aren't an option you can never go wrong with pointy black suede flats. 

Womens Blazer paired with a braille and tie up pointy toe flats. Women's fashion inspired by menswear.

We may have gotten these jeans in the ladies section but they are definitely inspired by the boys. If you haven't jumped on the trend of "boyfriend" jeans then you are truly missing out. It's insane the amount of mobility you can have in these jeans!  

We can't deny our new found love for suspenders. What used to be essential for the dreamy Chuck Bass is now a flawless must-have for women. We wore these with some distressed skinny jeans and high tops but you can easily dress this outfit up with some pointy flats and a tucked in button up.

Baseball Caps and women fall fashion inspired by menswear. 

Our last men's inspired fashion obsession are caps. If you're running late and don't have time to fix that bed head these caps are a perfect solution. We bet no one would even guess you just rolled out of bed! 

Have fun borrowing from the boys!