The Summer of Self-Love

Y’all heard it first, last year we were feeling self conscious and afraid of our own skin. It took us months and months to post our summer swimsuit photos. We’re sad to say that body shame and self conscious thoughts got the best of us. This year, we weren’t having it! 

Red H&M One Piece Swimsuit with Scallop Details/ Gold dainty Accessories/ Black Target One Piece Swimsuit with Lace Details  

Embrace Your Bod 

Embracing and loving your body is one of the most important acts of self care out there. You might be pale or tan, curvey or slender, tall or short. Whatever and whoever you are, don’t be mistaken...ya beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Who told us who or what we have to look like? We know the media shoves it in our faces, cruel words have been said outloud to us, or sometimes it’s even our own negative thoughts about ourselves. We’re here to say it’s time to stop believing those negative thoughts about ourselves and thinking that everyone will agree with our self doubt! 

Women's Swimsuit trends 2018/ Body Positivity/ Summer of Self-Love/ One Piece Swimsuits/ Small Cat Eye Sunglasses/ Scallop Detail Swimwear/ Lace Detail swimwear

The Black Lace One Piece 

A finally jumped on the one piece train this summer! The one piece struggle is real for our long torso friends. This halter deep v swimmie is the perfect solution because you can tie the neck as loose as needed for a little extra slack and a lot less wedgie! The lace details add a little extra elegance to what could have been a basic black one piece.

Target Black One Piece Swimsuit with Lace details and a Maria Shireen HairTie Bracelet/ Black Sunglasses/ 2018 Summer Fashion 
Hawaiian Print outdoor chair/ orange outdoor furniture/Target Black one piece swimsuit with lace details

The Red One Piece and Cat Eye Sunnies 

S found a red one piece swimmie with the cutest scallop detail. If y’all haven’t heard, 2018 is the year of the small sunglasses trend and we’re all about it! We found these small pointy cat eye sunglasses that S will probably be rockin’ all summer long. They’re PURR-fect! 

Red scallop H&M One Piece Swimsuit/ Gold dangle tassel earrings/ white small cat eye sunglasses/ summer 2018 fashion trend/ Maria Shireen Gold Floral HairTie Bracelet  
Red H&M Scallop One Piece swimsuit/ white small cat eye sunglasses/ pineapple straw/ blue waterlide 

Body Positivity & Self-Love 

We hope you find the confidence to rock whatever swimmie catches your eye this summer season! We all have self doubt and insecurities but it’s time we all put those fears aside and feel comfortable in our own skin. We could think of a million and one reasons to not share these photos with y’all but we’re saying peace out to that voice that whispers nonsense into our ears. 

Peace out self-doubt/ Pool Party Drink Koozie / See You at the pool drink Koozie 
Orange Outdoor Furniture/ Watermelon Beach Bag Cooler/ Red H&M one piece swimsuit/Black Lace One Piece swimsuit  
One piece swimsuits/ 2018 summer fashion/ Pool Party Drink Koozie   

Cheers to the summer of self love y’all!



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