Self-care is the Best Care

Self-care is the Best Care

2018 is literally right around the corner. Y’all ready?! The answer should be YASSSS! The holidays can take a serious toll on morale. The best way to get back into the swing of things aka adulting is taking care of yourself first. The OHBI gals have put together a list of our top 10 self-care strategies to keep you on top of your game. Keep scrolling for some tips on how to keep yourself sane in 2018!

1. Hit the snooze button and sleep in because we all know adulting is hard and we deserve those extra ZZZZ's.

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2. Take a walk, jog, or run outside. There is nothing more refreshing for the soul then spending at least fifteen minutes outside.

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3. Detox from technology for 24 hours (or start with 8 hours if you're getting anxiety just thinking about it). With all your extra time you can hang out with your cute pets or kids. 

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4. Remind yourself "I am enough and my feelings are valid". Scream it from the rooftops if you have to y'all! postcard good vibes pencils

5. Scoop yourself a bowl of your favorite ice cream and dare yourself not to feel guilty about it. If you can't bring yourself to fully indulge in those calories, Halo Top is good for the body and soul but maybe not the wallet. 

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6. Let the stress seep out of your pores while taking a bath! Our favorite bath time addition is bath bombs and maybe a large glass of wine. 

7. Read a book! Get caught up in the drama of fictional characters and forget about your own for a period of time. 

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8. Set some mood lighting for yourself by lighting a candle and taking a few minutes to sit back and relax. 

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9. Drink some hot tea. Nothing soothes the body more than a hot cup of Bedtime tea from Yogi. 

10. When in doubt face mask it up. Tony Moly has an endless collection of dreamy masks that will fuel a fire for fresh and flawless skin. You could also make a scrub, we found this one on Pinterest and it left our skin feeling smooth as a baby’s bottom. Get the recipe here!  

DIY Oatmeal face mask

Most years we catch ourselves wanting to say "New Year, New Me" but this year we're staying ourselves. With an emphasis on spending a little more time on becoming the best version of ourselves and living our best lives. A wise woman once said, “Self-care, at its core, is giving yourself permission to do whatever it is you need to be ok.” This wise woman is our girl crush and founder of, Jen Gotch. So wether something on our list speaks to you or you have some ideas of your own make sure it’s going to help you be ok! We hope 2018 is ready because y'all are made of stardust and are going to crush this new year!