Glamorous Plans

Glamorous Plans

T-Minus six days until 2018 makes an appearance. We’re welcoming this new year with open arms and could not be more excited about what is in store for OHBI. With that excitement comes commitment and with commitment comes follow through. We're convinced that the best accountability partner for following through on those commitments is voicing those goals to the people you care about...that's where y'all come in! Keep scrolling for some tips on new year goals and our must have personal planners for 2018! planner gold cactus flamingo tape dispenser maria shireen bracelet

If you've been following us for a little while then you must know that our love (obsession) for gear is real. This gal pal ran company makes some of the dreamiest agendas and planners out there! Complete with some original art work, fun national holidays, and enough stickers to fill all of your hearts desires! Snag one of these planners and you'll be the most stylish organized gal in 2018! Amigo Bag Bando planner starbucks coffee

Now that you picked out the perfect planner for 2018 it’s time to plan those goals! SMART goals that is! You’re probably thinking any goal you make is a smart goal, we’re right there with you but, we’re talking about setting yourself up for maximum success. Make sure those goals are: 





Time Based

All you have to do is keep these five simple words in mind when setting goals and y’all will be golden! 

MacBook Pro Bando Planner flamingo tape dispenser gold cactus statue pineapple framed photo

Our OHBI goals for 2018 are no joke and we’re going to crush them. 

1. Take a new "About Us" photo (let's be real...the current photo is amateur and makes us cringe just a bit)

2. Stop being afraid of rejection and reach out to more companies we would like to collaborate with.  

3. Host at least 4 giveaways (maybe seasonal or holiday focused. Stay tuned y'all!)

4. Interview one of our favorite creative boss babes! We have so many gals on IG that we admire and want to know how they do it all. 

5. Be more interactive with y’all! Tell us what kind of content you’d like us to focus on. We’re open to any and all feedback! (Keep it constructive because we’re sensitive and will most likely cry, just being honest).  

Gold cactus statue, white Ikea Swivel chair Bando Planner

We hope that this new year is not a "new you" but a more confident, inspired, and motivated you! Even if that means throwing on your favorite denim and some red lipstick. Y'all are beautiful and here at OHBI, we hope that you have felt encouraged to bare your true self. Do your best not to feel weighed down by all of those New Years resolutions but instead feel motivated to try something new! We'll be in the trenches with y'all. 

Bando Planner gold cactus statue pineapple framed photo white desk 
Bando Planner