Travel Edition

Happy Friday friends! Summer is here and the OHBI gals have a few traveling adventures in the works! This weeks FRIYAY FAVES is all about travel essentials and what we can’t live without while jet-setting away.

Away Luggage 

You could say we’re a bit obsessed with this functional luggage. They're fully intact with a battery pack charger and come in a wide selection of colors. Can you guess what color A owns? We'll give you a hint. You won't see her BLUSHing over how obsessed with this color she is. If the functionality and sleek look of this luggage hasn't sold you then the lifetime warranty just might! 

Photo: Away Luggage 

Photo: Away Luggage Getaway Pillow

You can find us somewhere over the rainbow. Y'all know how much we love our products so of course are traveling essentials come from this fab company. We can't stress how important a neck pillow is to us! We're way to old to not support our necks as we try to catch some extra ZZZ's while traveling. 

Bluetooth Headphones

We'll start off by saying we are Apple lovers but upgrading our phones and not our laptops has caused some inconveniences. We may be being dramatic (what's new) but, there is nothing worse than having to bring two different pairs of headphones on a trip. Snag a pair of these bluetooth speakers to block out the snoring on the plane and keep your cord tangles to a minimum! 

Cocktail Kit

Travel anxiety is real and sometimes catching that connecting flight will give you the sweats! Pack one of these adorable travel cocktail kits for when the stress is too much.  

Beeswax Eco-Friendly Reusable Food Wraps

If you're anything like us we need snacks handy 24/7. Traveling on a plane can sometimes be inconvenient when it comes the snack game. These wraps make it easy to hold all your best snack foods and ditch those plastic containers. We love that they're reusable so that you can pack snacks for your return home!  

We hope this list of our fav travel essentials helps make traveling a bit easier for y'all this summer season! Safe travels friends and be sure to let us know where you're headed in the comments so we can live vicariously through you!