Camping Essentials

It’s Friday friends! This weeks FRIYAY FAVES is all about taking on the great outdoors. Us OHBI gals don’t get to explore the outdoors as often as we’d like to but when we do there are a few items we won’t go without! Keep scrolling to peep our favorite products to bring along while camping!

Kamp-Rite Double Tent Cot  

This tent is the solution to all those back problems that come from sleeping on a dirt floor. Like the name suggests it’s a cot and a tent all in one. No more rocks digging into your back. Get ready to sleep like the sweet little baby angel that you are!  

Coleman Quad LED Lantern   

This lantern has detachable mini lights which are perfect for camping trips that involve a larger group of people. Now you can light the food table and someone else can simultaneously light their way into the woods to find the “bathroom”. 

Therm-A-Rest Sleep Pad

If you can’t splurge for the dreamy Kamp-Rite tent we recommend this functional light weight sleep mattress. If you do have to catch your ZZZ’s on the ground you won’t be loosing any body heat with this pad. You’ll also be less likely to feel any uneven surfaces! 

GSI Java Press

Let’s be honest, y’all know we’re not going anywhere without our coffee and that includes off the grid! This french press is perfect for the outdoors with a shatterproof carafe and an insulated wrap to keep the good stuff warmer for longer.  

Hammock for Two

Camping in the great outdoors is meant for relaxation and enjoying nature. This lightweight portable hammock for two is perfect for lounging with your significant other or BFF! Get ready to hang loose! 

Summer is here and it's the best time of the year to take a few weekend getaways! We hope y'all are able to enjoy a few mini vacays and maybe even a camping trip! Tag us on Insta @OHBIofficial, we would love to see how y'all are spending the summer!