Orange Crush

Happy Friday friends! We’re still on the color train and this week we’re crushing on all the orange! Despite the title of this post Crush Orange soda didn't make this list but we think the list is still pretty sweet. Keep scrolling to peep our current FRIYAY FAVES that will have you crushin’ it in no time! Get ready to crush in four, three, two, one… 

Octavia Outdoor Side Table 

We're typically gals of muted colors when it comes to decorating but sometimes we can't help but add a little pop of color! We're obsessed with this outdoor table.

Photo by World Market 

Photo by World Market 

Brightside Lush Bathbomb

What could be better than dipping into a tub filled with red-orange fizzies and ending up smelling like a citrus dream?! This Brightside bathbomb will leave you feeling energized, refreshed, and ready to take on the world! 

Photo by Lush Cosmetics 

Photo by Lush Cosmetics 


Origins Flower Fusion Face Mask

The OHBI gals love to mask and these dreamy sheet masks from Origins definitely make the list! With six different florals to choose from you are sure to find a combination perfect for your skin type. This Orange mask is perfect for boosting radiance and bringing back moisture to your skin. Not to mention the bright citrus scent, count us in! 

Dazey L.A. Hard No Ruffle Tank

Our current vibe is to give ourselves a little bit of a break and not be so hard on ourselves! We're taking advice from our fav Boss Babe company Dazey L.A. and taking a hard no stance on negative vibes! 

Mexican Blanket 

S has recently found her love for yoga and this dreamy handmade blanket from Mexico can double as a yoga mat or yoga block. If yoga isn't your thing take this beauty to a park for a picnic! We've discovered you can never really have too many blankets.  

We hope you're crushin' on these orange vibes! We'd love to connect with y'all on social media so check out our insta and give us a follow @OHBIofficial!



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