Leisurée with Lively

Y’all know we’re fans of athleisure wear so when the trend made its way into the lingerie world we were all about it! Us OHBI gals can say when it comes to our undergarments, comfort and support are super important and non negotiable. Up until now we’ve paid a pretty penny for one very uncomfortable bra and wanted nothing more than to start another revolution by the end of our work day by burning said bra #NormailzeNips. Although leading the pack for a new revolution would be cool we thought finding a comfortable bra would be a bit easier. Keep scrolling through to find out where you can get your new favorite over the shoulder boulder holder. 

Lively linen bag and rose gold wall hang

Live Lively

We're talking all about Lively! This company prides itself in making bras that are both feminine and functional. Name a more iconic duo, we'll wait! This incredible company is delivering more than just bras and undies, they are cultivating an important mindset in the world today. The mindset that reminds and empowers women to live their life comfortably, beautifully, and full of confidence! Life can be hard and uncomfortable enough, why should we keep letting that underwire stab us in the heart?!  

Live Lively with the most comfortable athlesiure style bras

The Collection

Lively has a large selection of bras, undies, bodysuits, swimmies, and even fragrances! We're slowly working our way into owning the whole collection ;) A few of our favorite items so far have been the All-Day Deep V and the No-Wire Push-Up because sometimes #hussisamust! Go on and wear the low cut shirt and push up the gals and still be comfortable! 

Lively Deep V No Wire Bra in Black
Lively Bras are the most comfortable bras out there. Your day starts at 6 am you don;t have time for an uncomfortable bra.

We Believe in Lively

We hope y'all are feeling inspired after learning a bit more about this dreamy company. A woman's world needs a little more love and a lot more support and we believe in what Lively is creating. If you're interested in joining the movement let us know in the comments below or find us on Insta @OHBIofficial! We would love to introduce you to your new favorite undergarment with a sweet discount!

Lively says it best, "Today bras and undies, tomorrow the world."