Essential Gems

Just in case y'all didn't know Friday is our favorite day of the week! Don't believe us? Check our Insta, just about every caption mentions us looking forward to 'FRIYAY' or excited that it is in fact FRIDAY. We can't help it, we feel like we're twelve again waiting for Sabrina the Teenage Witch to make an appearance on our screens. Come on' 90's kids, you know what we're talking about! In honor of our favorite day and hoping to bring some joy or at the very least something to read on your lunch we started a new weekly series, "FRIYAY FAVES"! Take a peek of the gems we rounded up this week! 

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Herbivore Botanicals: Moon Fruit Superfruit Night Treatment

We're always interested in skin care and we can't wait to give this night cream a try. Night creams are like magic. Moisturize, rejuvenate, and work on a healthy complexion all while catching those ZZZ's. Not to mention it's magical purple pastel color!

Normalize Nips Tee

Did they just type the word NIPS?!? The answer is YAS! We regret nothing. :) We recently shared the incredibly talented girl boss owned company Dazey L.A. with y'all. Owner Dani is on a mission to make women's nipples less offensive to the world as well as empowering all the babes of the world. We're all about it and would very much enjoy setting fire to our bras. Can someone say "FREEDOM!?" Check out what she had to say when her mom asked for the meaning behind this design here!     

Photo provided by Dazey L.A. 

Photo provided by Dazey L.A. 

Kirkland Signature Aller-Flo

Y'all. Spring is here and the 'lergies aka the allergies are real. During this season the only reason we're still functioning in society is due to allergy pills and this Aller-Flo nasal spray. Plus, you can save a few bucks using the generic brand! Not all of the products we like to share are extremely G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S but sometimes you just need something to get the job done! Without these over the counter meds we'd be in rough shape! Drink Floaties 

We love our pool floats and has just released some vacay inspired options. It's perfect because Spring Break is right around the corner. Although we won't be going anywhere and it still might be too cold in Northern California for a dip in the pool we will still be celebrating Summer's upcoming arrival with our tropical vacation inspired cocktails. Even if we have to use these cute drink floats as coasters while binge watching VEEP on the couch. These cuties are only $12 and totally worth it in our expert opinions! 

Amanda Thai

We've had the pleasure of learning more about Amanda's brand Carbon Copies Co. that promotes and donates to the conservation of wildlife. Y'all know we're about her mission, we befriend the animals in the room before the humans at any gathering. #Introverts. Carbon Copies Co. sells clothing that gives a part of the proceeds to charities that the company supports and trusts. We can't resist a good pun and the Heddgies tee caught our eye. The tee features the cutest little hedge hogs on the front with "Don't be a prick. Give more hedge-hugs" on the back. If you want to see pictures of some cute fur babes and gain some knowledge on how you can do your part to save the animals give her a follow on Insta @thaigris and @carboncopiesco. Did we mention she volunteers at a veterinary clinic in her spare time?! Here she is lookin' foxy!  

Foxy .jpg

Let us know if you're enjoying this weekly series so far in the comments! If you come across someone or something you think us OHBI gals would enjoy we'd love to hear from you. Happiest of FRIYAY's friends!