Is the 9-5 Keeping you Down?!

Ain’t it fun, living in the real world?! If anyone is asking us we’d say it’s a hard no. As we all know adulting can be a tough task. Luckily we’ve kind of (emphasis on kind of) figured out how to live in the real world and not completely fail as adults while still making time for the things that actually bring us joy. We’ve come up with a list of things that can help manage the stress and get you through the hard times. If Paramore has taught us anything it’s that the hard times will take you down and laugh while you cry. We’re here to help with that! Keep reading so you can escape the burn out of your full time job and keep your passion project or small biz alive! I am Very Busy Planner Red Tulips World Market Marble Platter 

Look for skills you are learning in your 9-5 that can be utilized in your creative side hustle. If your day job is something like being an excel wizard or visual merchandiser figure out how you can utilize those boss skills to evolve your passion into something even greater. 

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Utilize your calendar! If your team is made up of more than yourself, we recommend using Wunderlist. It is an excellent tool we use to stay on course and keep reminders of our goals. Even if you're not checking everything off of your list, it is a great way to keep track of your day job tasks and your vision for your passion! 

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Stay inspired throughout your workday. Instead of spending your lunch break napping or aimlessly scrolling through insta, use that rare spare time to get inspired! After eating of course! Listen to a creative lifestyle podcast, we're loving Girl Boss Radio or The Moth. Read some of your favorite blogs or brainstorm ideas for your side hustle/passion! 

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Use those ten minute breaks y’all! If you’re stuck indoors or under fluorescent lights all day it’s easy to feel drained and dull. It’s amazing what a quick lap around the buliding or a squat on the curbside will do for your brain. Not to mention breathing in that fresh air and soaking up that vitamin D. Your skin needs more than that blue glow of the lightbulbs. 

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Our last tip is having a separate space to create in your home. We know how difficult it can be to get the creative juices flowing when you feel like your day job has sucked the life out of you. Instead of sitting on the couch when you get home head to your designated creative space and get to creating! If dedicating a room isn’t an option it can be as simple as having a specific chair. 

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We hope you find our list helpful with managing the stress of being an adult and keeping your creativity alive! If y’all have any other tips about how you cope we’d love to hear them!