Summa’ Summa’ Time

Wherever there is a body of water you can find the OHBI gals in full lounge mode. Our perfect idea of relaxing in the summertime includes the best SPF (SuperGoop!), La Croix sparkling water, and the best jams to get us feeling those flawless summertime vibes. 

The playlist to get the good vibes rollin'

You could say we’ve got the summer solstice on our minds and the summa’ beats in our hearts! We’ve put together a few of our favorite new jams and a few of our oldtime faves to create another OHBI playlist! Let's be honest the Despacito Remix will forever make it on our summer playlist. You can find the epic playlist below! 

Don't forget the important stuff 

If you're enjoying those rays of sunshine don't forget about your skin! Keep yourself hydrated only with the best! Somethings never change and you can bet our love for a La Croix on a steamy summer day (or any day) is one of those things. We won't go back to drinking flat water anytime soon (Thanks Ali Wong for reminding us it's a luxury)! The sparkles may be an acquired taste for some. Even A didn’t enjoy these babies at first. We recommend trying the Key Lime or the Cherry Lime flavor if you’re on the fence. You can also mix them up in a tasty summer cocktail to add some fizz without the sugar.  

Continue the hydration 

Don't forget the SPF! Keep hydrating and protecting your skin with SuperGoop! The good time summer vibes could all end so quickly if you get a sunburn. We've all been there… lobster red and in pain but since we started using Supergoop! we haven't had a sun burn yet. This stuff is just that good!    

We hope y’all are living your best life this summer because you deserve it! Tag us on Insta @OHBIofficial we love seeing how much fun y’all are having and being inspired by you Kings and Queens!