Embrace You

Can we be real with y'all?! Us OHBI gals have always struggled with self-confidence, self-doubt, and feelings of inadequacy. We know we’re not the only ones who struggle with these issues and we have been fortunate enough to be inspired to work on those feelings thanks to our boy Jonathan Van Ness who is 1/5 of the FAB FIVE from Queer Eye. You can say he has given us life! We're more than slightly obsessed with the CON-FI-DONCE the five help cultivate in people, us included! Confidence isn't something that you just wake up with one morning, it is something to continually be worked on and believed in. It was totally evident in this photoshoot! 

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Five ways to defeat negative thoughts and feelings

We’re talking about those untrue thoughts that the media has told us is the only way someone should look, the hurtful words we’ve heard from others, and the unfortunate power that comparison carries in our lives. Can anyone relate? Raise your hand! (We’re raising our hands...all four of them) Even though we’ve posted photos in our swimmies this photoshoot felt even more difficult. It may have felt more intimate because we were wearing our bras. Although you’ll notice that we’re more clothed than we would be wearing a swimsuit. So it got us thinking how we can combat these feelings. Here’s some of the easiest ways we’ve discovered to overcome those negative vibes.

1. Embrace your beauty! There is no right or wrong way to be yourself and believing that truth is a beautiful thing. Take the risk and call yourself that adjective you would never dream of or rock that fit that has been hiding in your closet!

2. Health is wealth! When we feel good, we are good. For us, sometimes that means hitting the gym and sometimes that means enjoying those Mickey D's nuggs. 

3. When comparison rears it's ugly head, stop scrolling! We're talking about anything from social media to even that current Netflix binge! Whatever is allowing those negative vibes to force their way into your brain, turn them off! Some great alternatives are going for a walk, reading a book, or catching up with a friend.

4. Buy yourself a new bra! The feeling of strapping on a new bra is like walking out of the salon with a fresh cut or like you just won a million bucks (we can’t confirm the feeling of becoming millionaires but we can dream). We’re living Lively gals now and we won’t be going back! These bras have been revolutionary in helping us feel more confident. The pictures in this post prove it! Even though we may have been feeling self conscious we got over it because these bras are a dream come true.

5. Send out a S.O.S to your BFF’s. In this case the ship is you and you’re probably in extreme distress. Honestly the ride or dies in your life won’t ever let you down so share your feelings out loud and have your bff knock those bad vibes so far out of this atmosphere you’ll forget you ever had those negative feelings.  

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If you’ve ever struggled with insecurities then you know how much weight a simple compliment or some love can carry in someone’s life. We hope y’all are inspired to spread the love today and tell someone they are beautiful! We think y’all are beauty Queens and Kings or as our boy Jonathon would say “You are strong, you are a Kelly Clarkson song!” 

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