Get Organized

Happy Friday friends! Y’all know adulting is hard and staying organized can be even harder. With the summer months it’s easy to let our goals slip on by while we’re either headed to the nearest pool party or dying of what we think is a heat stroke (BTW it's just normal central California weather). Whatever it is we're guilty because we've been falling behind with our deadlines and can't seem to find anything when we need it. We're hoping to find a balance between work and fun so we can still enjoy lounging by the pool and drinking a marg! Keep scrolling for some of our fav items that will hopefully help keep you (and us) on top of your game. Planner

If you haven’t heard, the new planners have been released and to put it lightly WE’RE OBSESSED! They even come with stickers and a cute piece of word art for your office walls. We especially love that all the art work in these planners is hand drawn by a female artist! Take a look at how cute these are here

Photo; Ban.dō 

Photo; Ban.dō 



Rose Gold Desk Organizer Set 

This dreamy set will keep all of those important documents and files organized. Even if they are not separated into their designated file folder at least they will be all in one place until that summer BBQ is over!  



Glass and Metal Vanity Tray

Our personal goals always involve getting all of our things more organized or at least in one designated area. This decorative vanity tray is perfect for storing our nail polishes somewhere other than a drawer or a shoe box!



Bathing Suit Hanger

Are we the only ones who end up tossing our swimmies into a random dresser drawer? Who said bathing suits shouldn’t be on display in your closet?! This organizer hanger is perfect for hanging those strappy swimmies or shirts! 






Umbra Flip Hook Wall Rack

S got this for Christmas from her momma and its been a life saver! Our favorite part about this wall rack is that the hooks can be pushed back in when they're not being used. It's been the perfect holder for our Circle Bags. We'll confess before this hook rack our purses would end up on the floor or kitchen table. 


We hope some of these organizational tools help bring a balance to your life. We know we're willing to try anything in order to get it together! Have a great FRIYAY friends and look out for our swimsuit edition post tomorrow!