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Did we miss a mandatory world meeting when everyone decided to skip over Thanksgiving and go straight for Christmas?!? It became apparent that the holidays were approaching fast when Santa (Santa?! We know him! JK we’re just fans of Buddy the Elf) appeared in the mall the day after Halloween. Simply put we’re just not mentally prepared for the marathon of parties, gift giving, and stuffing our faces with an excessive amount of calories. We’ve heard slow and steady wins a race so we’re going to put one foot in front of the other and take it easy. No stress! Enjoy the holidays y'all (if you’re currently stressing out use the picture below to envision yourself on a tropical beach watching the sunset. Keep reading whenever you’re ready). 

Oak Park California night palm trees

First up on the holiday checklist is thinking about gifts for all of the special peeps in our lives. Here at OHBI we've decided to keep our money in the bank for Black Friday and spend our dolla dolla bills y’all on Small Business Saturday! We’ve rounded up a list of small businesses that we love to support and have the perfect gift options for everyone. 

To-do list Eye Buy Direct Glasses

Our first small shop is our very own Alist Stitches! This little crochet shop is A's side hustle. You can find a wide selection of crochet goodies and accessories at this small biz. If you have participated in any of our seasonal giveaways then you have gotten a sneak peak at some of the cozy items she creates. Scarfs, coffee cozies, beanies and more! We might have some major pull around here and heard that Alist Stitches will be hosting some sales all season long. Keep an eye out on her Insta for all the deets! 

AlistStitches crochet ear band
Faux fur beanie 
AlistStitches crochet infinity scarf

Next up on the OHBI roster is DAMAS. This dreamy little shop was started by Maritza Davis and Anette Thomas who strive to create community and platforms for fellow women. We love their vision that brings women together to support and encourage one another's strengths and goals. Pop into this shop for some major good vibes and snag your best pal some gear or a dreamy new fit!  

Oak Park California DAMAS Small Shop
Bands Water bottles DAMAS Oak Park California
Oak Park California DAMAS Small Shop Bando Water Bottles

If you're totally stumped about what to get your best gal pal we have the perfect gift suggestion! It’s Maria Shireen, if you’ve been following us then you know we like to share our love for this small company quite often. Their HairTie bracelet is revolutionary! You can read more about the company here. The important part about this bracelet is that it allows you to wear your trusty HairTie on your wrist in the most fashionable way. Exciting news, we have a discount code to share with y’all! Use MSXOHBI to receive 20% off your purchase. 

Maria Shireen Silver bracelets lavender 
Gold rings, Maria shireen Silver bracelets 
Maria Shireen bracelets gold ring 

Did someone say stress?!? Nope! No stress when the scent of lavender is around. We haven’t met anyone yet who doesn’t love the smell of lavender. Pageo Lavender Farms has ALL of the lavender products you could ever dream of and more. They have a product for everyone including the men (as long as they have a beard) :) If you’re not a local you can order online so pick up one of these amazing lavender products and help your loved ones de-stress this holiday season! 

Pageo Lavender farm Maria Shireen bracelet 
Pageo Lavender bushel Maria Shireen bracelet 
Pageo Lavender farm Maria Shireen bracelet 

We hope we’ve inspired you to shop local this holiday season! Make sure you share some of your favorite local shops in the comments below. OHBI is always up to support a small shop!