Let’s Get Away!

Let’s Get Away!

We’re all about trying to live our best lives and that means taking all of the weekend getaways we can! If you’re anything like us, trying not to overpack for a quick getaway can be more difficult then trying not to hit the snooze button in the AM. To help keep ourselves accountable and share some tips with y’all, we’ve put together a quick list of ways to keep your bags light and your heart full! 

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Tip one: Check out the weather situation for the place you’re going to visit. Knowing this info will help save you some time when figuring out your outfits. 

Disclaimer: When we say ‘outfits’ we’re not talking about packing the fit you’ve had in your closet for a year and you still haven’t even taken the tags off yet (we get it, we’re guilty too). We know you have good intentions when you pack it but 100% of the time if you haven’t worn it while at home you’re not going to wear it when you’re out adventuring. Stick with the ol’ faithful garments in your wardrobes to create your outfits and don’t forget those undergarments. Do we sound old using the word undergarments?! Knickers, chonies, calzones, over the shoulder boulder holders, whateves you call them make sure you pack them!  

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Tip two: Opt for the smaller suitcase or duffle bag. If you don’t trust yourself enough to choose just one pair of jeans for the weekend then using a small bag might help you out. If you can’t fit it, you can’t bring it! 

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Tip three: When it comes to the toiletries opt for those cute little travel size bottles. If you’re on board with saving Mother Earth then you can buy reusable travel size bottles. Try not to act shocked when we say we snagged ours at Target. They can easily be rinsed out and used for your next adventure! 

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Gold glitter bag, L'Occitane travel size toiletries 

Tip four: Get creative with the way you pack. We’ve seen some YouTube videos where they become wizards and find the room of two suitcases in one! We’ll link a few of our faves so you can be just as mesmerized as we were. Just keep chanting, "You're a wizard...Harry" while packing and all will go well…probably!   

Tip five is more of a reminder than a tip! Don’t forget the the important stuff like your phone charger or a back up battery (so you can take a massive amount of pics, duh), money, and your ID/passport.

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We hope this helps you travel lighter for a glorious weekend getaway! Have fun adventuring friends!