Ice Cream Dreams

It finally happened! Our ice cream dreams came true and it was pure bliss. Last weekend we passed through the seven levels of the gummy bear forest, through the sea of twirly swirly rainbows and unicorns and then we took a dip in a sprinkle pool! Just in case you have no clue what we’re talking about it’s The Mueseum of Ice Cream.  We’ll give you a little background info first and then take you on a virtual experience. Although we have to admit these pictures will not do it justice. 

San Francisco, Museum of Ice Cream SF, MOIC

The Museum of Ice Cream (MOIC) was founded by boss babe and ice cream Kween Maryellis Bunn. Her mission behind starting MOIC was to design environments that bring people together and provoke imagination. Lucky for us she nailed her vision! Currently you can find MOIC in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Miami. Tickets sell out very fast so sign up for their newsletter to stay in the loop! 

Museum of Ice Cream, Pink Neon Sign
Ice Cream History

Upon arriving we were welcomed with smiley faces dressed in pink from head to toe (our fav). You’ll be asked to think of a team name so be ready! We cracked under the pressure (big surprise) and ended up being the Sherbert Bunny’s. It’s cute but if we could rewind we’d choose to be Mochi Gang not to be confused with Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang! Anywho our first stop was a carnival themed room with a ring toss game included! We swooned over the pink walls with a twist (take a look below). 

Army Men, Museum of Ice Cream
Pink windmills, Museum of Ice Cream

Unlike a standard museum, MOIC provides tasty sweet treats throughout the exhibit. The themed 1950’s style diner was scoopin’ up some tasty peach Bellini cream. The room included a jukebox that played all the jams. We might have spent some time dancing (mostly awkward arm movements). We stopped by the dreamiest album wall and we found some of our favorite artists and jams up on this wall. Did you notice the song names have an ice cream twist? 

Museum of Ice Cream, White Fur Jacket, Denim Jacket, San Francisco, Scooping
Pink Album, Museum of Ice Cream
Pink Album, Museum of Ice Cream
Museum of Ice Cream Employee
Pink Telephone, Museum of Ice Cream, Denim Jacket

What would you scream for?! Our answer is OHBI of course but we’d also do anything for Selenas. Welcome to an entire room full of magnetic letters and Mochi!  

Museum of Ice Cream, white Fur jacket, white Vans, 
Pink Magnetic letters
Pink magnetic letters bag, denim jacket, museum of ice cream, mochi, pink magnetic letters

“You’re gonna find us on the cherry clouds. We’re living easy and we won’t come down.” Okay, okay we might have changed the words a little while we were in this exhibit snacking on the delicious glittery cherry cotton candy. Did we mention this room has scented wallpaper?! Bonus points if you can guess the scent! Pssst... it’s cherry. 

Cherries, clouds, Museum of ice cream
Cherry, wallpaper, museum of ice cream
Cotton candy, cherries, white fur jacket, denim jacket, black booties, white Vans

We found gummy bears in their natural habitat! They’re friendly enough to take pics with but no touching! Our husbands even joined in on the picture taking opportunities. We don’t blame them, we think they look good in front of the lens. 

Giant Gummy Bears, Museum of Ice Cream
Gal pals, Museum of Ice Cream, White fur jacket, denim jacket, Giant Gummy Bears
Giant gummy bears, candy land, museum of ice cream
Museum of Ice Cream, Giant gummy bears, candy land, friends

We rode push pops and magical unicorns like we were from the Wild West. We might have been a little extra but how can you not be when you’re in an ice cream room! We stepped inside of a disco ball and became one with pop rocks. There was enough pink and sparkles for a lifetime! 

Push pop, museum of ice cream, wallpaper, white fur jacket and white Vans, denim jacket with black booties
Unicorn, white fur jacket with white Vans, Museum of Ice Cream, Bag
Disco Ball room, Museum of Ice Cream, White fur jacket, denim jacket
Pop rocks, museum of ice cream

Last but not least we fulfilled all of our ice cream dreams and took a dive into the magical sprinkle pool! There were more sprinkles in that pool than one could imagine. We found our way back to our hotel by following a trail of stray sprinkles that escaped from the museum. We might even still be finding some loose ones that somehow made their way home with us. We’re not complaining though. :) P.S. you’ll notice our husbands have more personality than us combined. 

Museum of Ice Cream, Sprinkle pool, neon signs
Sprinkle pool, museum of ice cream, sprikles
sprinkle pool, museum of ice cream, beach balls, white fur jacket
Sprinkle pool, museum of ice cream, friends, beach balls

We had the time of our lives and we owe it all to you, MOIC! We hope y’all get lucky and can snag some tickets to visit this magical place. It will make you feel like a kid again, we promise! 

Ice Cream Chair, Ice Cream shop, pink bench