City by the Bay

When the lights go down in the city and the sun shines on the bay we just can't get enough. This weekend we left our hearts in one of our favorite cities, San Francisco. It doesn't matter how many times we visit this beautiful city it's like seeing it for the first time all over again. We have put together a list of some of our oldest and most recent favorite spots. Take a look!

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco California 

If you've ever had trouble keeping a plant alive then you probably haven't discovered succulents and air plants yet. With these types of plants you get to marvel at their beauty and don't have to worry about adulting and trying to keep them alive.  Watering these plants once a week goes a long way. UTSUWA Floral Design will fulfill all of your succulent dreams with their wide array of fundamentally indestructible plants. Try not to buy them all, or do and we won't judge. After all, we've heard being a plant lady is the new cat lady minus all the hair. 

UTSUWA Floral design shop in San Francisco, California. Succulents and wooden display fixtures. 

Our love for pineapples and coffee is satisfied perfectly at Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters found in the Cow Hollow neighborhood. What is better than drinking delicious lattes in a room full of golden pineapples? This wallpaper was flawlessly designed by Rifle Paper Co. and is up for grabs at Hygge and West. Wrecking Ball is definitely one of our top picks!

If there is one thing we could sip on all day it's Boba. Plentea has so many options and their simple, clean decor is on point. If boba isn't your thing they have "plenty" of options to chose from without boba (pun totally intended). In the environmentally conscious fashion of San Francisco Plentea has reusable glass bottles that you get to take home with you! So when you go back to visit you can get a discount on a delicious drink of your choosing for reusing your bottle.  

Plentea Boba in San Francisco, California. 

Our last stop on the list is Ocean Beach to get some stellar views from the Sutro Baths and brunch at Cliff House. The Sutro Baths are a must see. These formerly indoor salt water pools burnt down in the 90's but left us with the gift of this viewing spot. We know we said that we left our hearts in San Francisco, but we found them in this rock off the coast! (Look close to see if you can find the heart!)

Make sure to head up the hill and stop into Cliff House for some of their famous popovers and more amazing views. There's no better way to enjoy a basket of carbs than with a view of the oceanside. 

San Francisco always treats us so well and keeps us coming back for more. We'd love to hear some of your favorite spots to visit! Have fun adventuring!