OHBI turns Two!

OHBI has officially been blogging for two years y’all! We can not believe, it’s been a roller coaster of emotions and experiences that we have absolutely loved! Our little dream from 2016 has really become a passion and reality. We have grown closer as friends, as a team and a family. This past year has brought some of the greatest connections and inspiration to date. We wanted to reflect on a few areas of opportunity for us to keep this passion project alive and well! As always we hope that someone else can learn from our trials and errors so keep reading to see how we’ll be focusing our attention this next year.


More Collaborations

One of the most important tips we have learned during our second year was how important collaborations are. Whether it is blog posts, supporting small businesses or just making connections with people, it is SO important. The only thing changing about our thoughts on collaborations are MORE! MORE! MORE! We have been lucky enough and worked hard enough to be able to connect and collab with some of our favorite brands. Our little tip to anyone wondering how to get started with collaborating…Just ask! We have said before that our fear of rejection can hold us back from so many opportunities or experiences. The worst someone can say is no and if you get a ‘NO’ you’re still fabulous!

Get Better at Twitter!

This is one of the social media sites we just have not been able to commit to or even make a true plan of attack. To our fellow blogger friends or anyone who has an online presence, you know how important social media is for survival. This year we are going to strive to be more active and interactive on Twitter. Find us at @OHBIoffical. If you have any tips to share for twitter we’d love to hear about them. Ya girls need all the help we can get! Don’t worry, for all you strictly Insta users we’ll still be using that social on the daily! 

30 day challenges

We have committed to a new 30 day challenge every month since January and we’re headed into the next year with the same attitude! We might have to repeat some of our challenges because we are running out of ideas!

We are here for full transparency and hear us when we say some months of our challenges we definitely sucked it up. The yoga challenge and the cleaning challenge were some of the toughest for A! As for S she completely forgot she was suppose to be cleaning for the entire month of November! Who knows maybe we’ll repeat that one. The objective of these challenges was to grow and become better as individuals and as a team. Even though we nailed it some months and completely bombed others we’re different people than we were last year and we consider that a major win! You can only grow if you change. :) If you are considering starting a 30 day challenge, we recommend having an accountability partner for when the going gets tough! We aren’t doing these challenges to feel guilty if we skipped a day (or 10!) because having goals is important!

Expectations vs. Reality 

We’ll be honest as always, we usually have grand ideas for blog posts. As y’all know we don’t live down the road from each other so planning for posts and content is crucial. For example, we envisioned a celebration together for our blogiversary and as you can see from this post we weren’t able to be together for this shoot *currently ugly crying about it* Although we’ll admit our planning needs some work we also have to accept the fact that our expectations will not always be realistic. So here’s our celebration together but a part! 



We’re ending our 2nd year with a bang! We’re hosting our last giveaway for 2018! Since OHBI is all about gal pals and living an authentic life, we have a few staple items up for grabs. A $55 Lively gift card and two hand-made ear warmers from our very own @AlistStitches! You can snag 2 Lively bras for $55, that way you can share this giveaway with your BFF! Use our AMB-OHBIOFFICAL code to save $10 and snag some undies, a tote, or socks on the side!

We’ll be posting the rest of the details on Instagram all week so make sure to find us @OHBIofficial to enter!


We have had such a blast this past year and hope you have too. We’re excited for what year three has in store and hope you’ll follow along!