Sarah here, the other half of OHBI! We thought it would be a good idea to tell the world a little bit about ourselves when we're not doing blog related things annnnnd then we realized we would have to talk about ourselves. Sounds simple enough until you realize your hobbies include snoozing and watching Netflix (need those Z's). So without further ado here I go! 

Pismo Beach Background. Red Express Dress with Halter Style Neckline.

I am a born and raised California girl! Central California to be exact and even though this particular part of California only has agriculture and allergies to offer I wouldn't trade growing up in my small cow town. I'm only hours away in either direction from some of the most beautiful destinations: San Francisco, Pinecrest (the mountains), and Santa Cruz just to name a few of my most frequently visited places. You can see the mountain range in the distance in the pic below. So beautiful!

Central California Sunset.

Currently I work in retail and like any job it has it's ups and downs but, I can't deny the fact that working in stores such as H&M and Vans has evolved my love for fashion. It's more than just clothing. It's a way to express yourself. Even if it's as simple as adding some flair to your outfit you can tell the world just a little bit about yourself without being verbal. For instance (see pic below) my flair could tell you that I'm obsessed with avocados or, I'm strange and like to wear fruits as accessories (both are actually true). If you know me personally you know 90% of the time I'm in jeans and a tee shirt. That said, starting a lifestyle blog may seem like a new side to me but, I've always felt passionate about fashion even though I don't always fit the typical "fashionable girl". I've been told I exude comfy-ness and to me thats AWESOME #toocozytocare. You'll never find me uncomfortable unless I'm in a room full of strangers with no pets in sight. *Scans the room for pets to befriend* Come on introverts and socially awkward people of the world, do you hear me?!?

BFF Bloggers wearing Black Bombers and Pin Flair. 

I have two animals for fellow visiting introverts to befriend. However, they're introverts themselves so unless you crawl under the bed you won't have a friend in them (is that a learned behavior?! Probably). My rescue kitties Amelia and Blue will answer to any of the following names.

Amelia (the orange one): Moo-moos, Ah-Milli Ah-Milli (Lil Wayne inspired), Ameliaaaaa Estevvvves and Amelia May  
Blue (the cross-eyed one): Blueberry, Blue Gal, Blueberina, and my personal favorite Blueberry the Hairy Berry

The name list goes on... Slightly embarrassing but I know I can't be the only one. Right?!

I might sound like a single, crazy cat lady but I've got my husband James to help keep our miscreants alive. We met when I was 18 and we were married three years later. Some people might say we got married too young but I'd disagree. No matter what age you get married you will forever be learning new things about yourself. What better way to learn and expierence life than with your best friend by your side? I couldn't imagine going through life without this blue eyed beauty beside me. Check this guy out (it may have been those baby blue eyes and the sweet sound of his serenading voice that won me over). 

Modesto, California Wedding 2010. Crist- Garcia. Wedding dress with a collar. 

OHBI started out as an ambiguous daydream (that was talked about longer than I'd like to admit) until one day Alissa made the website and set a fire under my fanny. I'll forever be greatful for her and for our friendship/partnership. With every post we create it honestly gives my mind the vitality it has always craved. Now that we have this creative outlet to express and share our thoughts there's no looking back! 

I hope you enjoyed getting to know the other half of OHBI and don't think we're too weird after we shared the insane number of names we call our pets. :)