We’re surviving Winter with these seven products!

As the sun disappears in the blink of an eye and the temps keep dropping lower it makes us want to live in our beds FOREVER. Since that is not an option because us gals gotta pay the bills we’re sharing seven products that are helping us survive the almost freezing temps. These products will cut back on the time we spend in the bathroom so we can stay snuggled up in our beds a little longer. Keep scrolling to see what we recommend adding to your Winter beauty routine! 


Lush Body Butter ‘Buffy’ 

Buffy won’t help you slay vampires but she will help you slay away your dry skin! This bar will exfoliate and nourish your skin thanks to the cocoa and shea butter. The best part about this product is how convenient it is! You use it in the shower after you’ve washed your soap off. Simply rub on your wet skin, rinse off, and pat dry! We love how nourished our skin feels after using Buffy so much that we’ve been opting out of applying lotion in the AM. We’re not sure we can think of anything worse than putting on cold lotion when you’re already freezing. Get Buffy here


Lush dry shampoo ‘No Drought’ 

We’re gals who like to wash our hair in the mornings but it’s all too torturous for us in the winter time plus we’ve been cutting back on our hair washing sessions per MR. JVN. Avoid wet hair and opt for this powder dry shampoo. We really appreciate that this particular shampoo doesn’t come in an aerosol can and works better than any we’ve tried. Get it here


Glossier Boy Brow  

If you’re a girl who likes a full face this brand may not be for you but we’re obsessed! Boy brow offers instant eye brows! Even S’s fine eyebrow hair stands a chance to become a beautiful brow with this stuff. Click for amazing brows! 

Weighted Blanket 

This won’t help you get ready in the morning but it will keep you snuggled like a bug in a rug. If you are anything like us then keeping warm and cozy in the winter is a daily struggle. We’ve recently discovered a love for our weighted blankets. Not only do they keep us warm but they help with our anxiety and stress. It literally melts away!

L’occitane Immortelle face cream  

All we can say is WOW! Our skin has never felt smoother! This face cream has become a part of our nightly routine and we really can’t imagine not having it. This face cream is super thick but absorbs quickly and it helps with anti-aging. As y’all know S turned 30 so it’s time to step up the skincare routine! 


Timeless Beauty Bar Sheet Masks

It’s no secret we love a good mask. We snagged a few of these Timeless Beauty masks in an Ipsy bag and we must say we’re obsessed! There are four different options. Each is perfect for what your face is in need of at the time. We love the Glam and Glow mask which is a life saver if you’ve ever had a long night of dancing and sipping cocktails but need to be ready for photos at 9 AM!


Herbivore Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Mist

It’s natural, vegan and cruelty-free. This product works perfectly for all skin types. We just recently learned when layering face products you should start with the thinnest consistency and work your way up. This would be the perfect product to mist yourself in the face with first thing in the AM. It will hydrate your skin and if you’re anything like us it will shock you even though you know it’s coming.


If you were in search of some products to help get you through the cold and dry season we hope our round up of products will make your list! We’re still chanting our new mantra of the year “Quality over Quantity!”