Take a compliment!

We’d like to admit that when we receive a compliment we’re pretty terrible at accepting it. This is a serious issue and it’s a bad habit that needs to stop immediately. This tendency is only fueling our insecurities and self-doubt. No one has time for that! Right?!


What Actually Happens

Here’s a run down of what actually happens when the OHBI gals receive a compliment.

Our brains immediately go to “they couldn’t have meant that nice thing they just said about me” or our mouths try to explain the compliment away.

For example:

Kind Soul Giving Compliments:  “Your hair looks so good!”

Typical S&A Response: “ Oh ya, that’s because I finally washed and styled it after three weeks.”  

Anyone relating to us at this moment?! Or is it just us struggling with compliments? A simple “Thank You!” would have been sufficient in this situation and we know we must stop this madness and quit dodging compliments. Let the good words soak into your core! It will probably feel awkward and uncomfortable for a little while, but we’re believing it will get easier. We’ll be taking our own advice in this situation too.  

National Complimemt Day

According to our Ban.do planner it’s National Compliment day on January 24th! We thought it would be fun to round up some of the best compliments we could find to tell you how amazing you are!  

  • “You are everything good.” - Ban.do

Image by Ban.do

Image by Ban.do

  • “Females are strong as hell.” -Dani Nagel

  • “You’re thoughtful, and you’re brilliant, and your ambiguous ethnic blend perfectly represents the dream of the American Melting pot.”- Leslie Knope

Image by Danny Feld/ NBC

Image by Danny Feld/ NBC

  • “You’d make going to the DMV fun.” -Ban.do

  • “You are…everything.” -Jim Halpert

Image by NBC

Image by NBC

  • “You are a poetic and noble land-mermaid.”- Leslie Knope

Image by NBC

Image by NBC

  • “You have no weaknesses.”- S

  • “You are a beautiful tan princess. You are amaze and perfect. Body changes are from Hell don’t give it the time of day to steal your confidence!” -A


  • “When they made you they broke the mold.” - Fall Out Boy


More Ways to Get Some Compliment Action

If these weren’t enough to get you cozy and comfortable with compliments you can generate some compliments on your own with the Compliment Generator from Ban.do here. It’s so much fun!

Another awesome way to dip your toes into the compliment pool is with Dazey L.A. Our fave boss babe Dani hosts a Make my Monday on the ‘gram. You simply reply “Make my Monday” on the dedicated post and someone will give you a compliment! You would simply return the favor by giving kind words to someone else. We’re obsessed with this and you can join by following Dazey here.

We hope y’all are willing to learn with us. Life is messy and complicated but we are in this together! Let’s start the change by being a little more loving to ourselves and embracing those compliments!