Prints on prints

The OHBI gals battled a tough fashion trend this week. Prints on prints on prints! The most important tip we can give you is to go for it. Some may think this trend might not be practical for an every day occasion but it is sure to have you feeling like a fashion rebel. We think you’ll be looking fierce so who says you can’t rock it in your everyday adventures?! Keep scrolling for our simple tips to rocking prints! 

Spring Fashion including how to wear prints. Express multicolor midi slip dress and denim jacket 

The How

If mixing prints brings a vivid image of fashion throwing up on you (if fashion was a person) never fear! We’ve got you covered. 

Step One: Choose two contrasting prints. An easy pairing choice is florals and stripes. We’d also recommend stripes with more stripes! 

Step Two: Be sure to choose prints that are in the same color palette. You can see that A’s top doesn’t include any yellow but it’s the same tone as those fierce striped pants.

Step Three: Bring all of your confidence and rock those prints! We’re talking confindence level Demi Lavato. What’s wrong with being confident?! Absolutely nothing. So go on and run your show. 

Yellow Striped jumpsuit with floral top. Express Multicolor striped spaghetti strap midi slip dress. Red wall 

The Execution

A killed the game! Florals and stripes in the same OOTD. She chose a striped mustard yellow bottom with a navy floral top. A secret tip! Her pants were actually a jumpsuit. This is an easy way to get that high waisted look while mixing some prints. 

If you're still feeling more like a circus clown than a fashionista beckon the aid of your best gal to tell you how fab you look! We might have even taken a stroll through our local Target after this shoot because we were feeling the prints so much. 

Yellow striped pants with navy floral top. Gold accessories 
Yellow striped jumpsuit with open toed wedges. How to turn a jumpsuit into a different outfit. 
Knotted floral shirt and mustard yellow striped pants 

Playing it Safe  

We totally get that going outside your circle of comfort can be tricky. If the mixed prints are just too much to wrap your head around start with one print like S did. Mixing different fabrics can be a way to add something special to your one print outfit. Like the oversized denim jacket S is rocking. 

Express multicolor midi slip dress and denim jacket. Black fedora hat and black felt choker with gold details
90's style multicolor midi slip dress from Express 
Black ankle boots and midi slip dress 

We know some fashion trends can be tricky to get a handle on but they are also some of the most fun! We hope y'all are inspired to try something new this week. Tag us on Insta @OHBIofficial with your rebellious outfits. We love seeing what our friends are rocking out there! 

How to add prints to your Spring wardrobes BFF circle bags. Maria Shireen Infinity and Unity HairTie Bracelets 



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