Dazey Dudes

Listen up friends, anyone can be a feminist! Sometimes the word feminist can urge people into avoidance because the media, emotional and physical hurt, or other situations have caused it to have such a negative connotation. Simply put, feminism is believing in and the advocacy of equal rights and opportunities for women. Now that we got our word of the day in keep scrolling for a serious discussion.


The recent public hearings have brought about a ton of feelings for the OHBI gals. This may be one of our most controversial posts in the sense that we don’t typically speak about political events. However, we felt it was our duty to use our small platform to open up a discussion and talk about some of the issues we as humans need to make better and try to resolve.


It seems as though some people have missed the underlying point in regards to the movements that have become apparent to the world such as   #MeToo, #TimesUp and #IBelieveHer. It’s easy for some to push these issues aside because of the attention that the media, especially social media, has given them. We’ll be honest, it can make these issues seem like a fad but we’re here to say that these movements are in no way a fad and they all surround a common theme. The theme being that any form of sexual assault or harassment can NOT be a norm that anyone faces. Sadly if and when it does happen we as humans need to learn how to deal with it better. Our first instinct should never be to make the survivors of those traumatic events feel shame, guilt, or irrelevant. Our instinct should be to be respectful and supportive of those speaking out and sharing their stories because it’s theirs to tell and not ours to judge.

We’re not here to say that every sexual assault or harassment claim to ever exist has been the truth. We’re not here to say that the other party can’t speak their piece. We’re simply saying we need to listen. How much more could we accomplish as a whole if we all took a moment to listen to one another and then responded in respect? This simple act could change everything.


Although these movements have been centered around women we’re not looking for another round of applause for any specific gender. We’re looking for equality in all areas and walks of life. We believe they are called human rights not gender specific rights. Everyone’s voice matters and women’s voices have been silenced for far too long. We are SO thankful for brave women today who are speaking their truth and standing up for what is right. Y’all are changing the world.


To end this on a lighter note, we’d like to give a shout out to the men in this world who are standing up for what is right! We’re lucky enough to be married to a couple of them. These dudes believe females are strong as hell and are definitely standing for something! One of our fav companies Dazey L.A. has created a Dazey Dudes line! We love these graphic tees because it’s one of the easiest ways to start a conversation or shed some light on the importance of female empowerment.


We love y’all and are believing for a better world ahead.