Beat the Winter Blues

Daylight Savings is coming to an end and the seasonal depression around this time of year is no joke friends. As sufferers of this dreaded disorder we’re determined to beat it this year! Or at least do a better job of not letting it get us down. Keep scrolling for our top tips on how to beat those Winter blues! 

Don’t hibernate!

As much as we all want to cozy up with our favorite fuzzy blanket (and pets) and binge watch every show Netflix has to offer until the Summer rolls back around it’s not going to do us any favors. Don’t get us wrong, we’ll be catching up on some of our faves this cozy season but we’ll also be doing our best to stay a little more active. We suggest getting up before the birds to take full advantage of the short period of sunlight. Our “Don’t hibernate!” list consists of coffee hangs with friends, vists to our local Farmer’s Markets, wine tasting, and taking our sweet prince Timmy on long walks. 


Add a pop of color! 

We’re definitely guilty of only buying and wearing the three main colors of jet black, faded black, and black during the cozy season. Adding a bit of color to your wardrobe can really brighten up life y’all! If color isn’t your thing start by adding color with your accessories. 


Clear the Clutter! 

We know people typically save this yearly household chore for the Spring time but if you’re going to be cooped up in the house why not be productive. If you haven’t used or worn items within the last year it’s probably safe to say you can probably donate them. There isn’t a more opportunistic time to donate since the holidays are right around the corner. You can donate your unwanted items to your local shelter and make someone else’s holidays a bit brighter. So go on y’all and start going through all those closets and drawers. 

Get Active! 

It’s so easy to just want to sit your butt on the couch and work your way up to making the perfect butt impression for the next few months but don’t do it friends! Maybe it’s time you joined a new fitness class. We’d highly suggest a yoga class and if you live in a state that gets below freezing try a hot yoga class! These classes can be anywhere from 92 degrees up to 105 degrees. Keep the gas bill low and your heart rate up this cold season. If group classes aren’t your thing take a walk around the block and get some fresh air in your lungs. This simple activity can do wonders for your soul so get to moving friends. 


Buy Some Freshies! 

We’re talking about fresh flowers y’all! This is one of our go to tips when we need a little extra inspiration. We love snagging some seasonal fresh flowers at our local Farmers Market or even Trader Joes! Adding some beautiful petals to your creative space or favorite room can definitely help brighten your mood. If you can’t find any flowers try a Bath and Body Works Wall Flower! Scents have been proven to influence people’s moods. Make sure you choose a scent that will evoke positive memories and thoughts. 


We really hope this list helps with the seasonal depression. Us OHBI gals will definitely be trying all of these to fight the winter blues!