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If you've been following us for even a short amount of time then you know OHBI loves taking adventures. Sometimes our adventures require light packing, especially when the temperature in California is 105 degrees. We barely have the patience to carry our own body weight let alone extra bags when it's that hot (dramatic, we know but when blinking makes you sweat you need to find a better way to travel). Thread Wallets has solved all of our problems when it comes to having too much in our "all the things" bag. This week at OHBI we have teamed up with one of our favorite companies to highlight just one of their awesome products, the elastic card holder. Keep reading for all the deets!

Summer Adventures with Thread Wallets to the California State Capitol. 
Thread Wallets and Summer Adventures 
California State Capitol Picnic Get Together Featuring Thread Wallets. 

Let us give you a little bit of background about this awesome company. Thread Wallets was started by Colby and McKenzie Bauer. Two fellow creatives who are passionate about living an inspiring life and doing what they love. Thread Wallets started as an idea on Kickstarter and quickly unfolded into an adventurous way of life all while making sure you can carry your necessities. We love their vision for creating more than just a company. Its about a lifestyle of adventure and authentic living. Truly inspiring! We'll hop aboard that "DO WHAT YOU LOVE" lifestyle any day! Make sure you check them out on Insta, this company is the bees knees!

Peace Sign and Thread Wallets Keychain. 

Thread Wallets specializes in making slim wallets with style! They offers a wide variety of different style wallets to fit your every need. They have phone case wallets, elastic card holders, canvas or leather wallets, and lanyards (so you have easy access to that cash). From fruit prints to stripes, choosing just one pattern or print will be the hardest decision yet! If you can't pick just one, never fear! Thread Wallets is all for combining colors and patterns to accomplish that mix and match trend. Don't believe us? Take a look for yourself, right here!

Blush Pink Ringer Style Tee and Thread Wallets Wristlet 
Thread Wallets Lanyard 

If all of the dreamy prints and patterns didn't make you want to own one then the pure functionality of this accessory definitely will. We explored our beautiful State Capital with our elastic wallets full (not really all that full, we're not ballers) but it held our cash securely in place while we adventured. These elastic card holders come with a key ring making it easy to clip on a lanyard and wear it around your neck or wrist. If you're not up for showing the world your really cute Driver's License photo from ten years ago by displaying it around your neck, don't worry you can still benefit from the card holder or any of the other Thread Wallets products. All you have to do is make the card holder your wallet of choice and we guarantee it will lighten up the load of your purse (by at least ten pounds if you're anything like us). Don't get us wrong we love our purses but if there's a way to make them lighter or non-existent then we're all about it! 

Thread Wallets at the California State Capitol 

As a couple of wives who typically carry large purses we've become victims to holding everyone's items. This company has solved yet another one of our dilemmas! Owning a slim Thread Wallets product means not having room to carry around your husbands keys, wallet, headphones, guitar picks, etc. etc. etc...WIVES!? Do you feel us? Slim wallets are a cure-all for those heavy bags, especially when you're stuck carrying around more than your own stuff! 

Summer Accessories Thread Wallets. Travel Light in the summer heat. 

We hope that after reading Thread Wallets story you feel inspired to start something new, create, and share it with the world! Or go ahead and snag one of those wallets and start a new adventure! 




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