Crystals, Oils, and Chakras OH MY!

Crystals, Oils, and Chakras OH MY!

We were inspired this week by Gina, the founder and owner of Sunshine Warrior! She shared her knowledge on all things crystals and essential oils. Forget everything you learned from the late 90's tv series Charmed. Yes, we might be fans of the Holloway sisters, but we're not talking about casting spells and bringing people back from the great beyond. "The power of three" will not set you free but decreasing your carbon foot print and having an alternative to modern medicine might be just what you need. The combination of these two elements have so much to offer and smelling the aroma of invigorating oils is the bees knees! 

Lavender DoTerra Essential Oil and amethyst crystals.   

In the spirit of us living an authentic lifestyle we're going on the record to say WE ARE NOT PERFECT. We're human and we struggle with some very real emotions and moods. Can anyone out there relate (Give us a shout out so we know we're not alone)?! So to adventure out and try something new we created our own personalized essential oil scents to help us get those emotions in check. Whether you're striving for freedom of guilt and anxiety or aspire to embrace confidence and harmony, there is a personalized oil and stone combination for everyone's goal.

Sunshine Warrior by Gina DeRoos. DoTerra Wild Orange Essential Oil and Daily Affirmation Cards. 

To create our personalized scents we first needed to pin point if we wanted to release or embrace a specific  emotion or mood. Gina explained that it's important to release any emotion or mood you've been struggling with before you embrace new ones. FYI we needed to work on releasing a few emotions and moods. To be exact those moods and emotions were fury and suffering, YIKES. (Don't worry y'all we're getting ourselves under control!) Each "release" and "embrace" word resonates with specific oils, crystals, as well as a chakra. What's a chakra? That's a great question because we also had no idea, we're total newbies. So this is what we learned on our adventure. There are seven chakras that can be found throughout the body. If one of these isn't aligned then you're probably struggling with some emotion or mood related to this chakra.

This information has been provided by the Sunshine Warrior herself and she knows what she's talking about y'all! Starting from the top of the body and moving downward the seven chakras are:

1. Crown Chakra is associated with intellect, thoughtfulness, spiritual connection, open-mindedness, and wisdom. The crystals associated with the Crown Chakra are any clear crystal but the most commonly used is clear quartz.

2. Third Eye Chakra is associated with intuition, perception, imagination, thinking and living in harmony with nature. The crystals associated with the Third Eye Chakra include amethyst, lazuli, lepidolite, and azurite.

3. Throat Chakra is associated with expressiveness, sense of rhythm, communication, and listening skills, as well as the ability to share knowledge. The crystals associated with the Throat Chakra include blue lace agate, sodalite, and azurite-malachite.

4. Heart Chakra is associated with warmth, sincerity, level of happiness, compassion, peacefulness, and ability to love. The crystals associated with the Heart Chakra include aventurine, malachite, green apophyllite, malachite, rose quartz, and pink tourmaline.

5. Solar Plexus Chakra is associated with responsibility, confidence, personal will, self-esteem, playfulness, and sense of humor. The crystals associated with this chakra are citrine tiger's eye, amber, sulfur, gold, yellow calcite, malachite, and turquoise.

6. Sacral Chakra is associated with creativity, willingness to change, enthusiasm for life, sufficient life force energy, and the ability to nurture yourself and others. The crystals associated with this chakra are carnelian, orange calcite, and cuprite.

7. Root Chakra keeps us well grounded and is associated with stabile, prosperity mindset, and security. The crystals associated with this chakra are black tourmaline, smokey quartz, bloodstone, hematite, and onyx. 

So now that you know the basics of the chakras and how to perfectly pronounce the names of each crystal (we're kidding) we'll walk you through our personalized rollerball oil making adventure! We were able to pick only five oils to smell that accompanied our "release" word. It's important to not over power your super sniffer! We selected three out of the five oils that we personally liked the most. These oils are very potent so a max of three to four drops is all you need! We used dōTERRA fractionated coconut oil to dilute our essential oils for easy roll on application. Then Voilá, we created our own personalized scent to aid in the battle of our emotions and moods!  

Dealing with Suffering and Fury. DoTerra Special oil Blends to deal with personal issues. 

Our gal pal, the Sunshine Warrior, uses dōTERRA Essential Oils. She supplied us with over 60 essential oil scents to smell and sample after we created our personalized scents, of course. She strives to share her passion with others and we're so thankful she was able to inspire us! You can find her here! She has found a way to combine her love for essential oils and crystals by making the most beautiful jewelry. Check out this beautiful Seven Chakra Lava Stone Bracelet below! It has a stone to represent each of the seven chakras we spoke about earlier and lava stones that are porous enough to act as a diffuser for your favorite oil scents. All you have to do is dab your favorite essential oil or personalized scent on your wrist to keep the smell lasting all day. 

Photo provided by Gina DeRoos 

Photo provided by Gina DeRoos 

H&M Yellow Off the Shoulder Top with a 7 beaded Chakra bracelet with lava porous beads by Sunshine Warrior Gina DeRoos. 

After adventuring out and trying a new alternative to modern day physical and mental wellness, you could say we're pro-oils! The struggle is so real and sometimes juggling a career, family, friends, and passions makes our lives seem a little out of whack. We can honestly say that our personalized essential oils have not only kept us smelling the good stuff but have also helped us keep a positive and peaceful state of mind.

Whether you're striving for physical wellness, a more positive emotional state, purifying the air in your home, or even adding a bit of flavor to your water or food there is an oil or oil combination for you. We hope you feel inspired to try something new. Get well and give those oils a try! 

Disclaimer: Not all oils are edible or safe to put on your body so you should always consult a professional before trying anything new!