Year of the Woman

It’s International Women’s Day! At OHBI we believe that women should be celebrated everyday. Sure, you might think we’re biased because we fall into that category but we also believe that as a society, honoring and acknowledging women as equals should be the norm rather than crammed into one day of the year. We can however appreciate the reminder that this national day brings to the world so you can bet we will be celebrating!

Balance The Scale

The International Women’s Day theme for 2019 is #BalanceforBetter and we are standing behind that truth! We are better together and the vision to live in a more gender balanced world is exciting. This day is all about unity, celebration and action.


A Feminst is defined as a person who supports the theory of the political, economic, and social EQUALITY of the sexes. One thing we know for sure is that empowered women empower women. We have been fortunate enough to experience this kind of love and support through various vessels that have blossomed from our blog and the connections that we have made. When we step outside of our love bubble and pay attention that is when we witness, feel and experience certain forms of inequality and excuses for sexist incidents. These issues extend further than just gender, they reach from race to class. It’s inexcusable that we are still dealing with these issues. We aren’t here to list every way intersectionality exists all over the world but we are here to list all of the ways we can continue to create a more equal world to live in.


No one should feel as if they aren’t accepted by society based on what may set them apart from the majority. We’re doing our best to live our lives standing up for what is right. We have learned SO much over the past few years and equality is so much more than just our experiences. The intersectional issues that aren’t talked about or don’t reach the media are still very real and need to be fought for!


We don’t have to wait for whatever “National Day” it is to do something. We are striving to speak up for equality whenever an opportunity presents itself. It can be so easy for us to feel insecure or intimidated in the face of confrontation but let’s just say we will forever be channeling our inner Oprah and saying “TIME’S UP!”


After living twenty or thirty something years as a woman it is easy to get fed up with the false information we hear or the angry arguments we have to read in the headlines. It can be difficult for us to remember that when someone disagrees with what our beliefs are, it is okay! We have been learning that listening goes a lot further than arguing. Having an open mind has helped us learn more about respecting one another and being graceful in our opinions and judgements of others.

All that to say, Happy International Women’s Day! We hope this national holiday inspires you to live a more inclusive life and to join the movement for equality. Remember, we are better together!



*Cover photo images are Giphy stickers from Instagram that we did not make. The creative team at made most of them. You can find them by searching bandoWHM. :)