Date Night In

Valentine’s Day has come and gone and the OHBI gals spent the day of love with each other! JK that’s what Galentine’s is for but to be perfectly honest our husbands wouldn’t even blink twice if that was actually the case. February might be crowned the month of love but we believe in celebrating love all year long! We aren't always pros at saving our moolah but we are pros at being comfy queens and having fun in the privacy of our own homes. So in honor of love and all that is cozy we've rounded up a list of some of our favorite at home date night ideas, keep scrolling for all of the deets! We also included some pictures with our husbands so try not to throw up because we’re just that cute (it’s important to sense the sarcasm in that sentence). 

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1. Pick a movie you both actually want to watch. For some, this may be harder than it sounds. If you're anything like us we usually pick a movie that tends to put one of us to sleep. 

2. Make dinner together. This can be such a fun date night! Once you pick your recipe (we recommend trying a new recipe, take a risk y'all!) head on out to the market together and grab your ingredients. This way you'll be making the whole meal from start to finish as a team. If it doesn't turn out 100% at least you tried something new together! 

3. Take the Tubey for a walk. If you have no idea what a Tubey is we'll clue you in. Us OHBI gals tend to give our fur babies a few too many strange names. If you don't have a walkable animal you can still get out of the house and take a stroll hand in hand with each other. 

4. Order desert from your favorite bakery. Sometimes all you need to get the lovey dovey feelings flowing is a little sweet treat. If you're in the Sacramento area, we recommend picking up any delicious treat from Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates. If you're not in the area, you can order most of their treats online! Eat up y'all! 

5. Buy an expensive bottle of wine. Don't get us wrong, we can enjoy a bottle of Two Buck Chuck from our local Trader Joes but sometimes a good bottle is worth the splurge!   

We hope that the next Valentine’s Day or date night you’re inspired to stay in with your loved one! You’ll be thankful you didn’t have a two hour wait for dinner. Y’all already know we get HANGRY! Plus it’s always great to save some dolla dolla bills and celebrate love at home.

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Here’s the part you may want to close the browser because these photos are so cute you might explode. Again it’s important that you sense the sarcasm. :)

Here’s A with her hubby Cameron he also goes by Cash Biggins because of all the money he’s saving with Date Night In. When you see Tubey aka Timmy you might actually explode, his concerned facial expressions have a way of melting our hearts. 

LoveSac, Blue Floral Jumpsuit, Light Denim Button Down, Date Night In, Love
LoveSac, Date Night In, Light Blue Denim Button Down, Pastel Blue Jumpsuit
Dog lover, Pastel Floral Jumpsuit, Light Blue Denim Button Down, Gray LoveSac
Animal Lover, Pastel Floral Jumpsuit, Light blue denim button down, black denim brown boots
Date Night, pastel floral jumpsuit, black denim, light blue denim button down

Here’s S with her other half, James. You may think he looks like that one guy from Modern Family or any other red head you may have seen but we can assure you he looks nothing like them. The other cuties making an appearance are Amelia and Blue. 

Pink nails, baby pink sweater, chunky sweater, black t shirt, striped Ikea pillow
Cat lovers, baby pink sweater, Ikea pillow, Maria Shireen bracelet, 

These were our faces as Amelia was throwing up from eating too much grass. S is clearly impressed.

Light denim with baby pink sweater, brown jacket, White leather couch
Ikea Pillow, white leather couch, pink nails, maria shireen bracelet, baby pink sweater
Light denim, baby pink sweater, date night in, brown suede jacket, maria shireen braceet