It’s kinda like a TREASURE hunt!

It’s kinda like a TREASURE hunt!

We’ve all heard the phrase “One person’s junk is another person’s treasure” (We know the saying is man but we’re not men and why can’t women appreciate junk?!). Thrifting is basically like finding a treasure that was locked away in a secret room that was hiding in plain sight! As fun as thrifting can be we do think it requires a whole lot of patience and a little bit of technique. Keep reading for our tips, tricks and fave places to hunt in Northern California!


Tips & Tricks

  1. Don’t limit your shopping to the size of clothing that you currently wear. Older clothing doesn’t always follow the standard sizing of today’s fashion world. By shopping outside of your size range it will give you a better chance of finding a diamond in the rough.

  2. Get creative with how garments can be worn! Picture this…You find a super cute shirt but it’s a little too big. Instead of putting it back on the rack, wear it as a dress! Maybe you find a t-shirt that is a bit too long, take a pair of trusty scissors and turn it into a crop top!

  3. Look for pieces that catch your attention right away! Some of the best pieces we’ve found have been because we instantly gravitated to the color, pattern or texture of the fabric.

  4. Never go thrifting for a specific item because you will be very disappointed. Keep your eyes and your heart open for endless possibilities!

  5. ALWAYS try to visit a few thrift shops when you are traveling. There is nothing more exciting than snagging some new threads from a city you’re not from!

  6. Use your smart phone! Have you ever seen an item that you totally love but are not sure what you would pair it with? Head to Pinterest or your favorite blog for some outfit inspiration or text your fashionista BFF to see what she would recommend!


Best places to thrift in Northern California

Threads Consignment Boutique

We absolutely love this place in Modesto! Since it is a boutique it carries designer brands like Diane Von Furstenburg, Louis Vuitton, Coach, Ralph Lauren and the list goes on! All our tops in these photos were found at Threads!

Upscale Thrift

This little Sacramento gem is full of both vintage and modern items to fulfill your thrifty dreams!

Here’s a few shops that are all donation based. We have found so many gems at these places in Modesto!

Hope Chest (McHenry & Pelandale)

Goodwill (McHenry)


We believe everyone deserves a second chance and we believe the same for clothing. When clothing isn’t given a second chance most of it goes to a landfill to live there for ETERNITY! Why not shop thrifty and make something old new again?