Earth Day Everyday

We only have one planet to live on and we must work together to keep it thriving! We’ve probably all heard about the three R’s: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle! Keep scrolling for a few ways we like to practice doing our part to help preserve Mother Earth.



• Don’t throw away that lonely sock! H&M’s garment recycling program accepts all donated textiles and you’ll get a discount for bringing them in!

• Recycle your cans and bottles. We’re not ashamed to say we can easily fill up an entire trash can in a matter of weeks with the amount of La Croix that we consume. What can we say, ya girls need their sparkling water. We make sure to take our cans to our local recycling center. We get a little extra cash in our pockets for recycling and are able to buy a few more boxes of the bubbly! Double bonus!



• Old clothes or towels as cleaning rags. Instead of using endless amounts of paper towels or purchasing cleaning clothes just utilize some of the items in that bag you have been meaning to drop off at the GoodWill or the dumpster. The Earth will thank you and so will your wallet! 

• Old glass jars to plant a special green friend! It’s surprising how cute some food jars are once you scrape the label off. Our favorite jars to reuse are from spaghetti sauce, jelly and even a salsa jar can make for an interesting shape to hold your plant babies! 


Limit the amount of waste you put into the world! 

• Bring your own bags while grocery shopping or in our case on the Target runs! Plus you save 10 cents. It may not seem like a lot but it adds up y’all. We used to have a hard time remembering to bring our bags until we purchased a few stylish cloth bags. Now we look forward to shopping with our totes that say “I am Very Busy” and “Mahalo”

• Purchase products that don’t use an excessive amount of packaging:

• Lush Cosmetics has a massive variety of package free products to choose from that include shampoo, soap, bath bombs and bath oils. 

• Bees Wax wraps. Not only are these wraps pretty but they are sustainable and functional! No more fighting with the Saran wrap to keep your food fresh!

• Bring your own reusable straw! If you’re not into the idea of carrying around a straw everywhere, just opt out of using one. However, there are plenty of trendy reusable straws now that may catch your eye!

• If you can’t live without a cup of the good stuff in the mornings then buy yourself a reusable mug and bring your coffee to-go! Plus, when you go in for your second cup you won’t need to waste another plastic container! If you don’t bring your caffeine from home ask your favorite café if they will make your coffee in your reusable mug instead of another plastic or paper cup!


Earth Day is just another way we can help remind ourselves and others of how important it is to help take care of our planet. Routines and convenience are definitely some of our biggest obstacles but having the three R’s on the forefront of our minds has been a big success in changing the way we do a lot of tasks. It’s okay to start small, we are in this together friends!