Mad for Music

Mad for Music

The OHBI gals love a little music all the time! Whether we’re doing blog stuff or chores music notes are flying through the air! We could blame our musically skilled husbands but the truth is music just fuels our souls. On this weeks FRIYAY FAVES we’re gushing all about our current album obesessions...old and new!  


Blue Madonna- BØRNS

We have been blasting BØRNS newest album lately! We’re going to their show in Sacramento next month so we have to be prepared to sing along to every song! Every concert is a little more fun when you know the words. 

Invasion of Privacy- Cardi B 

Call us crazy but we want to party with Cardi! This bad and bougie gal might be a bit explicit for some but we can't help but love her "don't give a damn attitude!" 

Daydream - Mariah Carey

The QUEEN of the high note has had her high and low points but you can’t deny the power and beauty of this 90’s album! YAS Mrs. Carey, YAS!

Pray For the Wicked- Panic at the Disco   

The KING of the high note and theatrics! This is the bands fifth album and while we are guilty for loving them all, we just can't get enough of this ones sass and catchy choruses. We're just a couple of gals who have "High, high, hopes for a living!" 

After Laughter- Paramore

The 80’s vibe was reborn with this album and we are obsessed! We love that the lyrics are so relatable. Even though some of the lyrics get too real the happy melodies disguise the sadness. Hayley gets our souls...sometimes smiling with our teeth and being fake happy is all we have.  

Do y'all have any of these albums on repeat too?! We would love to hear what some of your favorite albums are, we're always on the look out for new tunes. Tag us on Insta @OHBIofficial, happy FRIYAY FRIENDS!