30 Day Video Challenge

The New Year brought us OHBI gals some new inspiration. Towards the end of 2017, we heard an amazing TED Talk by Matt Cutts called “Can You Change For The Better in Just 30 Days?” Matt talks about how he gave himself a new challenge every 30 days. He believes that 30 days is enough time to develop a new habit and if not, at the very least increase your life experience. We were so inspired that we decided to do one new thing every month for all of 2018! 

OHBI Instagram Video Prompts. Crystals that help guide Success. Dried Eucalyptus. Find Your Adventure. Rose Quartz is for Love

Try A New Thing For 30 Days 

We are in the fifth month of our “New Thing for 30 Days” challenge and the month of May is the month of the Insta Story videos. If you’ve  been following along you know how challenging this decision was. Anyone else hate the idea of being recorded and potentially having to hear your own voice later?! We do! It’s like nails on a chalkboard (we’re dramatic we know). Despite our resistance and uncertainty we started posting at least one video a day. Full disclosure it took us the first eighteen days to just post our videos without sending them to each other first for approval. We totally get it, putting yourself out there is scary but our goal was to let our followers get to know us on a more authentic level since that is a part of our mission statement!  

We Love Fellow Creatives

Whenever a fellow creative feels inspired by us or any of our content our hearts could just burst! To our surprise, we were asked to provide a 30 Day Video prompt by a fellow creative and entrepreneur babe @themakeshiftlocal. Go check her out and give her a follow! We will confess to y’all that we’ve been making up our video challenge as we go but took the advice and created a prompt! 

30 Prompts For Insta Stories. 

We hope y’all are inspired to post some videos and let your followers know more about you. Tag us on Insta @OHBIofficial and use hashtags #ohbi30daychallenge and #ohbi30. We can’t wait to get to know y’all more!